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Chapter 231: Chapter 229 – Dou Qi Continent Undercurrent

While Xiao Feng was in the Fairy Tail world, he didn’t know that a lot of things happened in the Doupo World.

Dou Qi Continent,

Ancient World,

Outside the heavenly tomb,

It has been quite some time since Xiao Feng left Dou Qi Continent.

Because of the Heavenly Tomb, the Gu clan has been quite lively during this time.

What’s more, ever since the Soul Clan was destroyed the Gu clan became the strongest Ancient clan in Dou qi Continent.

Although people didn’t who the mysterious power was who destroyed the Soul Clan, they could still infer that the mysterious person had no thoughts about competing with Ancient Clans for power.

After all, ever since he destroyed the Soul clan, he hasn’t appeared and no new superpower has been born on the Dou Qi Continent.

Such a situation naturally led to the fact that Gu Clan has become the largest and strongest superpower on the bright side.

And this situation led to many people having various thoughts, especially the people from the other eight Ancient Tribes.

Ever since juniors of Ancient clans entered the Heavenly Tomb, people from several Ancient tribes have been guarding outside, waiting for them to come out.

Nothing major has happened during this time, so, people in the Eight Ancient tribes have calmed down after the initial excitement and liveliness.

However, today, something enough to shake the Dou Qi Continent happened.

Suddenly, all the members of the Gu Clan, whether they were around the Heavenly Tomb or far away in the small world, felt their bloodline was boiling and then all of them began to be promoted like bamboo shoots.

And this promotion wasn’t a normal promotion.

It was directly jumping three or four large realms.

Dozens of Dou Sheng were promoted in just a few breaths and hundreds of semi-sage also appeared.

The promotion of Dou Zun and below was even more exaggerated.

Now, even the weakest in the Gu Clan has reached Dou King Level.

As for the strongest, there are a lot of 9-star Dou Sheng besides Gu Yuan.

Such violent promotion directly attracted the patriarchs and members of other eight ancient tribes.

But before they could figure out what happened, several waves of loud laughter and words sounded from different corners of the small world of Gu Clan.

“Hahaha, Dou Di has appeared.”

“Finally, a Dou Di has appeared in our clan.”

“Haha… our Gu tribe is going to prosper again.”

“Hehe, Xun’er didn’t lie. That kid really helped her become a Dou Di.” Gu Yuan also laughed while feeling his strength.

The strength that had been stagnant for thousands of years has been promoted and he has become Half-a-step Dou Di stage.

Now, he can proudly say that he is number one below Dou Di.

“God has eyes.”

“Our Gu Clan finally has a Dou Di.”

“Now, we will become the number one clan on the Dou Qi Continent.”

Some old immortal who didn’t know how they were alive, came out of their seclusion and laughed out loud.

The younger generation of the Gu Clan was also shocked.

They didn’t understand why their cultivation broke through so many levels.

Only some old immortals and elders understood what happened.

However, even they don’t know who became a Dou Di in their clan.

“Patriarch, do you know what happened? Who has become a Dou Di in our clan?” The Second Elder of the Gu Clan asked Gu Yuan.

With the questioning of the second elder, the rest of the old guys also looked intently at Gu Yuan.

Not only the people from the Gu Clan but even several Patriarchs and Elders from the Eight Ancient tribes also pricked their ears, ready to listen to Gu Yuan.

In fact, they were shocked by the sudden bamboo shoot-like promotion of people of the Gu Clan, but they quickly recalled the ancient documents of their ancestors and understood that this phenomenon will only happen if someone in the tribe is promoted to Dou Di

Dou Di.

The legendary realm that no one has been able to reach after ancient times.

Now, suddenly, a Dou Di appeared in the Gu clan, how could everyone not be shocked and curious?

They were eager to know what happened.

It would be even better if they could also peak in the legendary realm of Dou Di.

“Haha! Who else but Xun’er? Our little Xun’er has become a Dou Di.” Gu Yuan held his chest proudly and told everything to others.

At this moment, his chest seems to have widened to an unknown degree and Gu Yuan was extremely proud of his daughter.

“Huh! Miss!”

“Has Young Lady been promoted to Dou Di?”

“Hahaha! That’s great. The young lady has become Dou Di.”

The old guys of the Gu clan laughed after being surprised by the news.

“Is it the daughter of the Gu Patriarch,” Several Patriarchs and Elders of Eight Ancient tribes were shocked after hearing this and they couldn’t help losing their minds.

They thought that some old immortal from the Gu family should have been promoted to Dou Di, but they never expected that it was the younger generation, who was promoted to Dou Di.

As top powerhouses of the Dou Qi continent, they very well know how difficult it is to be promoted to Dou Di.

Even if Gu Xun’er has Divine Grade Dou Di Bloodline, it should be impossible to do this because this isn’t something that can be explained by a mere bloodline.

Several Patriarchs smelled something different from Gu Yuan’s words because there must be a secret behind Gu Xun’er’s promotion.

“Patriarch Gu, can you tell us a little about how your daughter became a Dou Di.” Suddenly, the Patriarch of Huo Clan, who has a good relationship with Gu Yuan, asked with a smile.

Not only the Patriarch of the Huo Clan but the Patriarchs of the Yao Clan, Ling Clan, Lie clan, etc. also asked Gu Yuan.

“Hehe…” Gu Yuan sneered after hearing the words of these Patriarchs.

He knew what these guys wanted?

They just want to know how to be promoted to Dou Di themselves.

Although that thing isn’t a secret and Xun’er didn’t say that he can’t tell.

But, how could it be so easy to tell them?


At the same time, Northern Continent,

Jia ma Empire,

Xiao Family,

Xiao Ning, his grandfather, .and other clan members of the Xiao Family including the patriarch Xiao Zhan felt their blood boiling.

This blood resonance was especially strong for Xiao Ning and his grandfather, as well as Xiao Mei’s family.

Then, the cultivation of everyone in the Xiao family began to soar.

From Dou Shi to Da Dou Shi, Dou Ling, Dou King, Dou Huang, Dou Zong, Dou Zun, Dou Zun Nine turns, Semi-Saint, Dou Sheng.

It was as if there was no barrier in cultivation and in almost no time, Xiao Ning and his grandfather were promoted to Dou Sheng Level.

Especially, Xiao Ning became a Nine-Star Dou Sheng directly because of the blood resonance.

Right behind Xiao Ning, Xiao Mei’s father and mother also became Dou Sheng.

And her younger sister Xiao Qing also became Nine-Star Dou Sheng directly.

Many other members were also promoted to Dou Sheng, Semi-Saint, Dou Zun, etc.

The younger generation also became strong by a larger margin.

And just like the Gu Clan, the weakest members of the Xiao family were also Dou King.

However, unlike the Gu Clan, the Xiao family didn’t have any heritage, so, the top superpowers are much less than Gu Clan.

But things didn’t end just like that, the promotion of the Gu Clan and Xiao Clan was just the beginning of the prelude.

Time passed by and the people from Eight Ancient tribes discovered the matter of the Xiao Family but none of them dared to do anything.

Not to mention there are two Nine-star Saints in the Xiao family, but there are even Dou Di’s behind them.

How could they, who don’t have a Dou Di, dare to move them?

Meanwhile, people on the Dou Qi continent also got to know that the Gu clan and Xiao Family gave birth to Dou Di and then, a huge uproar happened.

No one on the Dou Qi continent thought that a Dou Di would appear on the Dou Qi continent after tens of thousands of years.

The top forces were shocked and many small forces were eager to move and seek refuge in the Xiao family.

The Gu clan is an unattainable giant but the Xiao family is just an emerging family with Dou Di.

Joining the Xiao family must be easier than joining the Gu clan.

With such thoughts, many people were naturally eager to move.

However, before anything happened, another shocking news spread throughout the continent.

The Snake-human Tribe in Tagore Desert and the Ye Clan from Dan Tower have produced their own Dou Di. Now their strength has increased to a whole other level.

Such news shocked many people and few of them couldn’t believe it.

After all, how could be possible for a Dou Di to be produced in a remote Snake-human tribe and a declining Dan family, who just managed to gain a foothold again?

Dou Di isn’t Chinese cabbage that anyone can be promoted if they want to.

If Dou Di were so easy to appear then the whole Dou qi continent would have been full of Dou Di.

Although many people were unbelievable, they still went to the Ye family and the Snake tribe to check the news.

Then, they were shocked to find that there was an aura of a Nine-star Saint coming from the Ye family and there were several Saint’s auras well.

Although the Snake-human tribe didn’t have a Nine-star Saint, they still sensed several high levels of Dou Sheng in the Snake-human tribe.

Such a situation let people know that the news was true and the Snake tribe and Ye family did give birth to Dou Di.

Just like that the Dou qi Continent was on fire.

Now, even top forces couldn’t sit still.

After all, if one Dou Di appears then it may be a coincidence, if two appear then it may be the wonder of fate but if three and four appear one after another and they are still from the younger generation, then things are bound to be tricky.

Several Patriarchs of the Eight Ancient tribes also couldn’t sit still and they kept trying to get information from Gu Yuan but they could only get some miscellaneous news from him.

Because of this, they even tried to ask the Xiao family, the Ye family, and the Snake-human tribe, but they only got to know that no one knew what happened or why they were promoted.

They only heard that one day the blood of everyone in their family boiled and they broke through just like that.

Several Patriarchs were depressed and they wanted to vomit blood after hearing this.

If cultivation could be promoted just by boiling blood then they would also like to try it.