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Chapter 57: The office

Time flew past quickly and the ball sounded again bringing the class to an end, renjiro was ecstatic since he was beginning to grow bored, a lot of the other pairs were either so bad at fighting or they had learnt only one energy move making everything they did look telegraphed.

Renjiro changed back into the academy uniform and was trying to find lyra so they could head home together when he was cornered by professor Ophelia, he let out a sign of frustration while contorting his face to make his irritation visible to her.

“follow me” she said ignoring his displeasure

Renjiro couldn’t object to her command so he followed her, constantly stretching hoping he could see lyra, luckily for him she stood ahead of them her eyes narrowed into slots.

“Professor Ophelia” she said with a bow, recently she was beginning to find professor Ophelia annoying and left to her she wouldn’t bother with the sentiment of showing respect to professor Ophelia but the academy had rules and she had to abide to those rules.

“lyra, you can head home whenever you are done, there is no need to wait for zephyrus we have an appointment ”

“again” lyra couldn’t help herself this time, it was obvious professor Ophelia was taking advantage of her position in the academy to exploit renjiro.

At that moment the temperature in the room plummeted but only lyra could feel it, she felt Strong killing intent directed at her and a great urge to claw at her throat.

“are you alright?” Renjiro asked shaking her out of her reverie, the killing intent she was feeling disappeared immediately leaving her able to draw breath again, renjiro didn’t feel any of this so he was unaware of what had transpired.

“I am alright” lyra grabbed melora who renjiro didn’t even notice and stormed past them, her mind was set for revenge.

“I wonder what is wrong with her” he thought to himself, he turned back to professor Ophelia and discovered that she was smiling creepily while staring at lyra, she turned around immediately beckoning on him to follow her.

They arrived at her office soon enough and the sweet scent of her office assaulted his nose, professor Ophelia asked him to take a seat which he did and proceeded to sit on her table, exposing her silky white thighs to him. Which sent all the blood down to his nether regions, she was close enough to him for him to take in her sweet scent, making him harder than ever.

At this point he was beginning to suspect that she used aphrodisiacs, he knew he was a pervert but whenever it came to her, he always found it very difficult to exercise self control.

“What are you thinking about”

He swallowed painfully, her face was so close to his that he could feel her breath caressing his face. He grabbed her head, taking her mouth with his, she became pliant in his arms letting out a moan that sent shivers down his spine.

He wanted to continue but the image of Caelia flashed in his mind prompting him to stop abruptly which confused professor Ophelia, considering the amount of aphrodisiacs she had exposed him to and knowing how much of a pervert he wasn’t expecting him to stop first.

“what Is it” she asked trying to mask her anger

“There is an issue I need to sort out” he replied grabbing his bag and trying to leave he office

“stop right there” she commanded stopping him in his tracks. “what issue is that, I might be able to help out”

“I’m sorry, but you can’t. It’s a family issue”

The truth was that she didn’t care she had an itch to scratch and she felt that she’d go mad if he didn’t finish what he started, so she had to persuade him to spend at least a few minutes with her before he left.

“I am sure spending the next thirty minutes with me won’t hurt”

When it came to anything sexual renjiro was weak willed and when professor Ophelia gave her proposition, he couldn’t help but succumb, he dropped his bag and walked back to her, she jumped down from her table and met him halfway before he could change his mind.

She pushed him down the couch and straddled him, taking his lips in her mouth once again and grinding him, he was responding to her kisses but she noticed that he wasn’t hard. She detached herself from him and began taking off her clothes, instructing him to do the same.

Renjiro was finding it difficult to get himself hard, even after taking off his clothes and stroking himself, he was still as limp as a wet sock, he knew that caelia’s condition was the cause of his present predicament.

Seeing that he still couldn’t get himself hard she took action grabbing his rod and taking it into he mouth, the warm wet feeling of her mouth worked like magic and he found himself hard again, she sucked him hard and fast till he couldn’t take it anymore and had to force her up.

He positioned her on her knees and thrust into her hard, making her scream in delight. He reduced the tempo after the first thrust and began to move slowly the sounds of their pleasurable experience filling the office, he reached out with his fingers and began rubbing on her bud exciting her greatly.

She took initiative and grabbed both nipples between her thumb and forefinger tweaking them and bringing herself closer to orgasm with each thrust, renjiro took the tempo a notch higher making her grip the bed in pure ecstacy and moan his name.

He felt the pleasure building and she couldn’t take it anymore, collapsing belly first on the couch as he legs began to shake, renjiro was not deterred and continued thrusting till he shot his load into her.

She finally felt like the itch was almost gone, she wanted to continue but she had given her word.