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299 Do You Want To Be Free?

How long does it take for one to relieve themselves of longing?

A few hours? Days? Weeks?

For Abaddon and his wives, there was no definitive answer.

The nine of them spent twelve entire days with firm grips on each other’s bodies and calling our each other’s name.

Their passion was so intense, that the bed that had supported all of their loving escapades before had broken under their relentless actions.

But of course, that did nothing to stop them from continuing and indulging themselves until their bodies and souls were fully content.

Though even then… it still felt insufficient.

In the core of his very being, Abaddon was a monster who embodied lust.

He wanted nothing more than to subsist off the bodies of his most precious women for as long as time would allow.

But as long as there were obstacles against them, this wish of his would have to go unfulfilled.

‘Though… maybe that’s for the best for right now.’

Abaddon looked down at his wives who were all breathing heavily and trembling horribly.

Even after all of the times they had lay together, their endurance was still no match for his.

After being intimate their bodies were always extremely tired, and they were in need of a substantial amount of rest.

Seras and Audrina fared the best out of all of them so he was usually quite rough with them, and unfortunately that caused them to end up needing more sleep in the long run.

…But still, it wasn’t his fault!

How was he supposed to hold back when his literal soulmates were screaming their lungs out and begging for him not to stop?!

Demonic dragon or not, he was still a man with weaknesses!

Abaddon pulled out of a still twitching Valerie and the unexpected motion caused her to buck her hips as she had another large orgasm.

His numerous attempts to get her pregnant spilled out onto the already soaked sheets and her head finally collapsed lazily to the side, right beside Lillian’s round bottom.

Holding out his hand, Abaddon used water manipulation to collect the days worth of body fluids that had been spilled all over their bedroom.

Even for them, it was quite a lot. The amount probably could have filled up a small bathtub.

Abaddon disposed of their remains by throwing them out the window and looked down at his own body.

Even though he no longer got dirty naturally, he had still accumulated a bit of grime and sweat from rubbing his body against his wives who did not share that perk.

Just like that, his next destination was confirmed and he opened up a portal to their private bathroom.

But much to his surprise, there was already an unwelcome occupant inside.

“Ah, hello master! Are you finished with… woof.”

Malenia was casually submerged in the steaming water and wasn’t wearing an ounce of clothing.

Coincidentally, neither was Abaddon.

Again, this was he and his wives private bathroom and no one was supposed to be using it, least of all his feathery houseguest.

He had long outgrown shyness when it came to his body but the way Malenia was looking at him made him feel egregiously uncomfortable.

Her eyes followed the swaying of his junk like some kind of pendulum.

“Malenia… why are you-”

“Even if you cover it with your hands, I can still see the tip.”

Abaddon frowned and said nothing as he dipped his tail into the hot water.

Red lightning traveled from the base of his tail to the bladed tip, and the angel received a small but well needed shock.


“Can you get out of my bath? You know full well that you aren’t supposed to be in here.”

“B-But I just got in!! It’s not fair if you make me-”

“Lift your eyes while you’re taking to me or I will shock you again.”

With Herculean difficulty, Malenia tore her eyes away from his uncovered appendage but the pouting face she made while doing so was a tiny bit cuter than he would ever admit.

“Can’t you just get in with me? I promise that I won’t touch you, o-or even say dirty things to you!”

Abaddon held up a clawed finger and poked the side of his temple. “I can hear your thoughts too, you know.”

Malenia seemed to have forgotten about that little detail and made a crestfallen expression that nearly made him laugh.

It didn’t matter how hard she tried, she wouldn’t be able to keep her thoughts clean for even a few minutes.

“Then… I won’t even look at you!”

To prove her point, the angel turned around in the bath and faced the wall, allowing Abaddon to solely view her sleek back and wings.

“If it’s like this it’s fine, right? So just get in and I promise I won’t make you uncomfortable!”

She continued to bathe herself while putting on her best oblivious act and humming a small tune softly.

With a long sigh, Abaddon lost the bulk of his resistance and sank into the hot water.

The tub had ledges where he could sit and relax, but he closed his eyes to do so and realized that it was all but impossible.

After learning more of how his angel came to be, he couldn’t treat her as callously as he did before.

The man she was so desperately serving with all of her being considered her and others like her to be failures, not even worth the time of day.

And now, she had a new master who had been doing basically the same thing, only against her will.

“Malenia…do you ever resent me for making you this way?”

It was a fair question, but not one she ever expected to hear in a million years.

She used to be a proud and upstanding woman who was pure and righteous, and now she was a degerative pervert with a fixation on the one man in this world whom she couldn’t have.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if she considered her new existence to be a mockery of her old one.

Breaking her promise, she turned around and slowly started to approach Abaddon in the water. “Are you asking because I have displeased you in some way?”

“No. I ask because somewhere along the line I started to consider you a friend, or even something like my sister, but my premise was flawed.

How can I possibly consider you to be a friend if the whole of your existence is based upon servitude to me? We cannot be equals like that, or even hope to be friends.”

Abaddon opened his eyes and stared back into Malenia’s that were closer and more serious than he realized.

“I do not understand.” She admitted. “What are you saying, master?”

The dragon sat up from his reclining position and placed a hand on Malenia’s forehead.

“I’m saying that for better or worse, I’m setting you free. And hopefully when your true personality comes back, you will not hate me quite as much as you did before.”

Before he could start, Malenia suddenly grabbed his hand with a shaky grip and removed it from her skin. I think you should take a look at novelr18.com

“Just in case I do… do not cut our connection entirely. I don’t want to lose my place in this family.”

Abaddon smiled warmly and nodded, before he pressed his palm against her forehead and started the process.

Sifting through her mind, he pieced back together her true personality that he’d overwritten when he made her fall from grace all those months ago.

He created two personalities within Malenia’s mind.

One was who she was before she met him, the other was who she became after.


A dull light started to shine from her body, and her eyes rolled back into her head.

Her black wings lost their shine and color, returning to their sparkling and unblemished white.

The long silver hair that had become soaked by the water began to heat up and dry, ultimately returning to it’s immaculate silver appearance.

Her eyes became a blinding gold that would be damaging for those around her to stare into, and she instinctively closed them out of habit.

Although, it seemed as though she could still ‘see’ just not in the traditional sense as others did.

When Malenia finally reverted back to her former self, she stumbled backwards a bit before clutching her brow.

A great many emotions seemed to be swirling inside of her mind, and it was clear that these turn of events had taken her completely by surprise.

“I’m… free..?”

The shock and raw emotion contained in her words made Abaddon feel slightly guilty but he did not shy away from responsibility. “Yes, you are.”

It finally seemed to connect that the angel was naked in the bath with a man, and she covered her chest out of habit as her face turned red.

But a few seconds later… she dropped her arms as if she realized it was pointless.

“What does it matter anymore… you’ve seen it all by now anyway.”

Pervy Malenia had a particularly bad habit of flashing him, so he had indeed seen everything that she had.

ραΠdαsΝοvεl ƈοm

“Sorry?” He said with a shrug.
Even with her eyes closed, Malenia seemed to be staring at him particularly intensely.

“You never lay with me no matter how much I threw myself at you… why?”

“You aren’t my type.”

“Be serious.”

Abaddon smirked and patted Malenia on the head just like he’d done a thousand times before.

Strangely, she didn’t pull away or react unkindly.

“That’s not the sort of love I feel for you, so why would I sleep with you?”

“You are the embodiment of desire and lust.”

“So that means I can’t have standards?”


Malenia accidentally let out a snicker and immediately tried to return to her stone faced act.

“Why did you decide to set me free? How can you be sure that I will not kill…”

Her words trailed off as Abaddon gave her a look that said ‘Be fucking for real.’

“Alright, maybe I can’t kill you but I can hurt your family! You have no idea what kind of travesty could come from making me the dominant persona!”

Abaddon nodded knowingly as he lowered his body back into the water.

“Being friends with someone requires a fair bit of trust. I just have to hope that you know I’m not the kind of being who would ever wish you harm.”

Malenia looked like she was wrestling with her own mortality with no chance to win.

All these months, Abaddon had never abused her, and he only punished her when she said something about their naughty bits having a business meeting.

He gave her warm food, a great bedroom, total freedom, and he even brought her around his children.

It was an unthinkable way to treat a former enemy, even if they were enslaved.

Even now, she could feel the happiness that her alternate persona experienced during all of this time.

It was enough to make her feel like she needed to take a very long nap.

“You’re so sentimental for a demon.” She said after a long silence.

“I’m still more human than I care to admit.” He said jokingly.

Malenia took a deep breath and acted in a way that took him completely by surprise.

Throwing her arms around him, she embraced him firmly without an ounce of lust as a motivator, instead there was only pure gratitude.

“Thank you for freeing me…my friend.”

The title was difficult to get out of her mouth, but once she did it her body felt significantly lighter.

Abaddon returned her hug appropriately while introducing a small amount of teasing. “Now who is the sentimental one?”

“I can break your neck in this position.”

“You will fail horribly.”

The two of them shared a small laughter and finally released each other, and prepared to properly get to know one another for the first time.

Or atleast… that was the plan.


The doors to the bathroom were kicked open, and Lusamine walked in wearing a bathrobe and carrying two bottles of champagne.

“Good news, Malenia! I found the key to Valerie’s…”

Her words gradually trailed off as she realized that there was not a sole occupant in the bath as she remembered, and she quickly hid the bottles behind her back.

“H-Hey Abaddon! W-When did you get here?”

Abaddon held up his hand that was already crackling with electricity. “Girls… how often do you do this?”

“T-This is the first time!”

“Whenever you and your wives are not around.”

Abaddon showed a smile that was not a smile as he finally started to rise out of the tub.

“Lusamine… let’s talk about boundaries, shall we?”

“KYAAAA! Noooo!!”