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427 Deng Yue

The sun was blazing with it’s full glory when Zhan Chen opened his eyes. He was feeling refreshed and energetic after a relaxing session of cultivation. He took a look at his surrounding and found two beauties, Shui Liying and Huang Mei talking with eachother at a distance.

“You are awake”, Shui Liying softly spoke. She was keeping an eye on Zhan Chen. So, she immediately knew when he opened his eyes.

“Good morning seniors”, Zhan Chen greeted both the beauties. He was planning to look for Huang Mei after coming out of his seclusion but to his pleasant surprise, she was already waiting for him when he opened his eyes.

“Zhan Chen, let’s go to the Sect’s base. senior brother Deming is looking for you. You can also meet our sect master who was absent when you joined our Xuantian sect”, Shui Liying spoke.

“Sect master of the Xuantian sect!”, Zhan Chen muttered with a surprised expression. A hint of curiousity appeared in his eyes as he agreed to Shui Liying’s suggestion.

He saw many familiar faces when he entered into the Xuantian sect’s base with Shui Liying and Huang Mei. At the middle of the room, he saw Fu Deming who was sitting with other emperors of the Xuantian sect. There was an unknown beauty sitting among them. She had an extraordinary aura around her. The most eye-catching feature of hers was her hair which was lustrous scarlet in colour.

“Junior sister Liying, junior sister Mei”, Fu Deming greeted both the beautied who stood along with Zhan Chen. At last, he looked at Zhan Chen with an inquiring expression on his face.

“Zhan Chen, I have heard that you want to lead out disciples in the Sky dragon alliance?”

“Senior, I have merely consented to elder Chao’s proposal. It is such a good opportunity for me. So, I thought I would join as well”, Zhan Chen replied.

“Have you think things throughly? It would be very dangerous”, Fu Deming reminded.

“Senior, I have taken the decision after weighing all the benefits and risks involved”, Zhan Chen replied.

“Girl, what do you think? Shall we allow him to enlist in the Sky dragon alliance?”, Fu Deming looked towards the enchanting beauty sitting with him. Zhan Chen felt puzzled as he couldn’t understand why Fu Deming was consulting an unknown beauty.

“Husband, she is our sect master. She is also the only disciple of elder brother Deming”, Shui Liying sent a mental communication to Zhan Chen.

“She is the sect master!”, Zhan Chen looked at the beauty with a surprised expression. He greeted the beauty after being aware about her identity.

“I have heard about you from teacher. It seems like Zhan clan has produced a good descendant after staying hidden for so long”, the beauty looked towards Zhan Chen.

“Sect master overpraises me”, Zhan Chen spoke lightly. He was curious to know what attitude this sect master would have towards him.

“Teacher, there is no problem in allowing him to join the Sky dragon alliance. But before that, I want to see his skills for myself. Considering his identity, aunt Wu Li most be worried about him. So, I will not let him act foolishly if he do not have the ability”, the enchanting beauty spoke.

“Do as you please. We need to select the disciples who will go to the Jade harmony city. As for the rest, they can return to the Xuantian sect”, Fu Deming spoke.

“Aunt Liying”, the enchanting beauty appeared next to Shui Liying after finishing her conversation with Fu Deming. She greeted Shui Liying and Huang Mei properly before focusing her eyes on Zhan Chen.

Zhan Chen sensed a powerful soul consciousness trying to see through his body. He manipulated his essence energy and leaked an aura belonged to a beginner Martial ascension realm cultivator.

Since arriving in the Central land, he was pretending to be a Core condensation realm cultivator. He had already proved his capability but his age and low cultivation seemed to create some doubts in the mind of the upper echelons of the sect.

Zhan Chen wanted the Xuantian sect to allow him in a leadership position when he entered the Sky dragon alliance. That would made things more convenient for him. So, to assure his leadership role, he decided to expose his capability a little. He was planning to break into the Heavenly tribulation realm soon. So, he thought, it didn’t matter even if he exposed himself as a first stage Martial ascension realm cultivator.

“You are indeed talented. Only eighteen yet already an ascension realm cultivator”, the beautu lightly commented. The gathered emperors exclaimed after hearing the words of the enchanting beauty. None of them were aware about the extent of Zhan Chen’s cultivation. They had tried to spy on his cultivation but they couldn’t see through his cultivation base. Now after hearing the words of the enchanting beauty, they finally learned about Zhan Chen’s cultivation.

“Good, with such a cultivation base, he can become an emperor before reaching forty”, Yang Yukong, the peak master of the Sword sect commented.I think you should take a look at novelr18.com

“We should nurture him properly. Who knows, he may become an emperor before reaching thirty”, Hu Tao, the peak master of the Martial peak added.

“Will you accept a duel with me? I will limit my cultivation to the peak of the Core condensation realm?”, the enchanting beauty looked towards Zhan Chen.

“Gladly. It will be my pleasure to experience the techniques of the sect master”, Zhan Chen replied politely.

“Follow me”, the enchanting beauty spoke before wrapping his essence energy around Zhan Chen. She took Zhan Chen out of the Oak ridge town and Shui Liying and Huang Mei followed behind her.

“Zhan Chen, what is your relationship with aunt Liying? I can tell that she is very much concerned about you”, the enchanting beauty asked.

“Sect master, I have proved my talent in alchemy to her. So, it is natural that she takes care of me sometimes”, Zhan Chen replied. The enchanting beauty looked at Zhan Chen with a sceptical expression but she couldn’t tell whether Zhan Chen was telling her lies or truth.

“Sect master, if it is not too much, can you tell me your name? It is cumbersome to call you sect master every time we meet”, Zhan Chen asked.

“My surname is Deng and my name is Yue. You can call me elder sister Yue if you want”, the enchanting beauty spoke. She was generally cold and proud but Zhan Chen could tell that she was being lenient to him.

Deng Yue flew with Zhan Chen for a while. She stopped only after reaching a completely secluded location. Shui Liying and Huang Mei were flying behind Deng Yue. Both of them stopped at a distance and focused their eyes on Deng Yue and Zhan Chen.

“Junior sister, what is this girl planning? If she really gets serious, Zhan Chen may not be his match”, Huang Mei spoke.

“Don’t worry. She may be fierce towards others but she wouldn’t harm Zhan Chen considering his relationship with elder sister Wu Li. She may be planning to guide him before he joins the battle of the Sky dragon alliance”, Shui Liying replied. Although she spoke optimistic words, her heart was not at ease. She focused her eyes on the place where both Deng Yue and Zhan Chen was standing.

“I am giving you a chance to attack first. Be quick, otherwise you may not get a chance to draw your weapon”, Deng Yue spoke. She took out two long swords from her spatial ring and held them in a defensive posture. Her aura continued to decline and she stopped only when she reduced her aura to that of a peak Core condensation realm expert.

Zhan Chen didn’t want to keep her waiting. So, he took out a sword from his spatial ring. He could tell that Deng Yue was a skillful fighter. So, he decided to fight seriously for once and clenched his sword tightly.

He swung his sword towards Deng Yue and a slanted slash went flying towards her. “You have wasted your opportunity”, Deng Yue spoke as she moved to her side.


“It is only beginning”, Zhan Chen calmly retorted. He stabbed into the air with his sword and a gust of wind came stabbing towards Deng Yue’s belly.
The attack was first. So, Deng Yue had to defend herself with her sword. Zhan Chen didn’t relent as he launched one attack after another.

Deng Yue’s eyes lit up with interest after she defended against several rounds of attack from Zhan Chen. Zhan Chen could tell that she was getting excited the longer he fought with her.

“She really has the spirit of a warrior. Hopefully, she will give me a good fight”, Zhan Chen thought. At some point, he stopped attacking and let Deng Yue attack him.

To his surprise, Deng Yue swung both of her swords one by one and two attacks approached him from two different angles. Her attacks were extremely coordinated and one would find it very difficult to stop both of her attacks.

“Good one”, he praised. He swung his sword in a circular manner and stopped both of her attacks accurately. His body moved in tandem with his sword and it seemed like his he was completely in sync with his weapon.

“Not bad. Try stopping my next attack”, Deng Yue spoke. She used both of her swords again and launched a long range attack towards Zhan Chen. Energy from both of her attacks combined in midway and became a serpentine creature. The serpentine creature moved in an undulating path as it crashed towards Zhan Chen.

“Both visualisation and form”, Zhan Chen’s eyes lit up with interest. He swung his sword in a full arc and a half moon like slash intercepted the serpentine attack.