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Kawaii Blondy and Erotic Massage

“OooH-Do I really need to get naked?”

“Yes, that’s right. It’s common in recent massages among humans to undress.”

A golden-haired girl, wearing a bathrobe, fidgeted with embarrassment.

If Asia’s hair was a naturally beautiful shade of gold, then the girl in front of me had a meticulously crafted golden beauty.

Her hair was stunning, with not a single strand out of place. It sparkled and shimmered so clearly, even in the dimly lit room.

Before she put on the bathrobe, her hairstyle was a drill-like style befitting her tone and status, but now it flowed down beautifully straight.

Her name was Ravel. Ravel Phoenix. She was the daughter of a family with a social status on par with the Gremory family, a pitiful sacrifice offered to the Occult Research Club.

“Time is limited, you know. I understand it’s embarrassing, but it’s for the treatment. Please think of it as necessary for the massage and accept it.”

“…I-I understand! As an unmarried woman, I have mixed feelings about showing my bare skin to a man, but I understand it’s for the massage.”

With a soft sound, the bathrobe fell to the floor.

Beneath the bathrobe was porcelain-like, pure white skin. Her body appeared flawless, with no signs of blemishes or skin troubles.

Her feminine curves were well-defined, appearing larger than they did through the bathrobe.

Her breasts, slightly larger than what would fit in Takashi Mitarai’s hands, were an ideal size for him. Although he didn’t have a particular preference for size, he somehow favored a size he could cover with his own hands.

As she had said, it wasn’t something meant to be displayed in a provocative manner. The tips of her breasts were a beautiful cherry blossom pink. I wonder what kind of sound this small bud would make if flicked with a finger.

“Oh… Truly fitting for the young lady of the Phoenix family. Your body is magnificent.”

“P-Please don’t stare too much. I’m undressed for the sake of the massage, not to please you as a man.”

“I apologize. The words slipped out when I saw something beautiful.”

“It’s not a bad feeling to be praised. But more importantly, should I lie down on that bed over there?”

“That’s right. Please lie down on the bed and take a deep breath. It’s not good to have a tense and rigid body due to nervousness and embarrassment. And first, I’ll examine the tension in your back, so please wait in a prone position.”

Prompted by Mitarai, she obediently lay down on the bed.

The sweet aroma of aromatherapy reached Ravel’s nose as she lay face down. Just by smelling it, she felt a mysterious sense of comfort, as if something fluffy enveloped her.

“What is this fragrance…?”

“It’s ylang-ylang. It’s the perfect aroma to enhance Ravel-sama’s charm.”

Aromatherapy oil was dripped onto her back.

Desperate to bring about this situation, Mitarai had practiced diligently yesterday to smoothly carry it out without arousing suspicion from her.

The aroma she was currently smelling actually contained another ingredient. An aphrodisiac effect. It used flowers derived from the Underworld, and according to Rias, the scent was so faint that it didn’t overpower the smell of other flowers when mixed with them. Furthermore, she said that when applied to the skin, it heightened sensitivity, making it perfect for engaging in erotic activities.

“Mmm… You’re quite skilled at this. I also occasionally use servants for massages, but your techniques are quite impressive.”

“Well, I do take pride in my skills to some extent.”

He didn’t possess the skill level that warranted monetary exchange, but he had enough skill within the family to be appreciated. It seemed easy to deceive her, especially when she was feeling fluffy due to the aphrodisiac effect.

Speaking of which, why did she end up receiving a massage from Mitarai while being naked? It started two days ago during dinner when Rias brought it up.. Saying..

“Hey, Takashi. As I said on the day I invited you to the Underworld, we, our Occult Research Club didn’t come here just to have fun. Thanks to the special training we’ve received from Grayfia. Me, Akeno, and Asia have become somewhat stronger. But Yuuto and Issei are still weak.”

Grayfia was one of the maids serving the Gremory family, and she was also Rias’s brother’s wife, making her a sister-in-law figure to her. She seemed to be one of the top-ranking demons in terms of abilities, and while they trained with her, they still had a long way to go.

It seemed that the purpose of this summer vacation visit was to power up the entire Gremory Clan.

“That’s why we need to leave here for training starting tomorrow afternoon. Mother is pregnant and going through a difficult time, but I’m worried about leaving Takashi alone. So, I’ve decided to have someone who knows the situation come here.”

“The situation… Is everything alright?”

“Yes, there’s no problem. That girl and her family owe a debt to the Gremory family. They won’t easily reveal the secret.”

“Okay, I understand. If Rias says so, then it’s fine.”

“Thank you, Takashi. That girl is a young lady in various senses more than I am, but I’ll give this to you so you can get along with her.”

“What is this?”

“It’s an illicit aromatherapy oil even in the Underworld. It’s not readily available on the market due to its aphrodisiac effect. Use this to massage that girl. She’s innocent and naïve, so she’ll be easily deceived.”

As per the conversation during dinner, Ravel fell perfectly into their trap, and now she was being subjected to an erotic massage by Mitarai.