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Ravel Phoenix Begging for Penetration

As per the conversation during dinner, Ravel fell perfectly into their trap, and now she was being subjected to an erotic massage by Mitarai.

“It seems like there are no knots in your back. I touched it briefly, and there were no stiff muscles.”

“So, shall we proceed?”

“As you have thought, Ravel-sama.

“Next, I will touch the front, so please lie on your back.”

“Ugh… This is also for the massage. I-Is this okay?”

The well-shaped breasts sway gently.

The breasts maintain their shape even when lying on the back. Their trembling and swaying figure can captivate a man’s gaze alone.

After taking note of the breasts, attention is turned to the lower body, which was not focused on earlier.

Golden pubic hair, the same color as the hair. It is neatly trimmed and seems to be well maintained. The amount is not much, but there is enough growth to enjoy the texture when touched.

“P-Please don’t look too much. It’s embarrassing.”

“Yes, I understand. Let’s move on from impolite gazes. Now, let me touch your breasts thoroughly.”

“Yes, I-I will endure it. Please go ahead.”

Blushing intensely, she nods with an adorable gesture.

Well, while thinking such impure thoughts as to dye her face with pleasure, he reaches out his hand towards her breasts.

His palm sinks in with a squish♡ There is a firmness to it, yet it returns with a pleasant softness. He massages the breasts with his whole palm, making sure to feel the softness of the flesh.

“Mmm… D-Do you really need to touch them that much?”

“It seems there was stiffness in your breasts. There are some lumps at the tips.”

“Eh? Th-That’s…”

“Please be reassured. As someone entrusted with Ravel’s massage, I will continue to touch until this stiffness is resolved.”

There is a hard protuberance that pushes back against his palm. He kneads the sharply pointed nipples as if crushing them, causing sweet sighs to escape from Ravel’s lovely mouth.

Not only crushing, but even flicking with his fingers makes her body convulse vigorously. Apparently, the nipples are quite sensitive, and even a slight stimulation makes her feel good.

“If it feels good, feel free to let out your voice. It doesn’t suit a cute girl like Ravel to endure. Please express yourself as much as you like.”

“Hya♡ Nn♡… I understand♡ It feels better to let out my voice♡”

Whether influenced by the aphrodisiac effect or not, she obediently nods without questioning Mitarai’s words.

Releasing the suppressed hand from her mouth, she transforms the rising pleasure into moans. Even though Rias is a young lady, seeing a girl with a young lady’s speech pattern indulging in lewdness with her own hands evokes an indescribable excitement.

The small bud, already erect, tries to grow even larger. When flicked with a snap of the fingers, it bounces like a metronome and returns to its original position. The painfully erect nipples, once pink, have turned bright red.

Not only enjoying the sensation by touching, but also moving her hands as if milking from the base to the tip of her breasts, under the pretense of a massage. The most pleasurable sensation seems to come from the nipples, as she emits a voice that is more intoxicating than the sound of her breasts being squeezed, a voice that could make one ejaculate just by listening.

“Hmm? It seems that there is tension not only in the breasts but also in the lower body. Leaking so much honey like this. I will confirm this as well, so please open your legs wide.”

Obediently, Ravel opens her legs.

Her thighs are drenched with love juices, glistening and reflecting the light. The innocent female genitalia, tightly hiding its entrance, occasionally opens its mouth and releases a gush of love fluids.

Gently opening her private part without causing any harm, peering into the inner mucous membrane. The beautifully pink vaginal flesh quivers and wriggles, enticing and craving for the male’s flesh rod.

“Ravel-sama’s pussy is so naughty. Even though it’s supposed to be a massage, it’s so wet like this. Look, this is what Ravel-sama has produced.”

“No, please don’t show it. I never thought I could feel this good. It hurts deep inside my stomach.”

She moves her hips, mimicking the movements of having sex.

With each movement of her hips, love juices splatter and stain the surroundings. Perhaps she doesn’t masturbate often, as her clitoris remains small and covered by the hood. Nonetheless, she vigorously thrusts her hips, desperately trying to release the pleasure. A smile escapes her face at the instinctual movements devoid of any remaining reason.

“There’s only one way, you know? A method to relieve the discomfort in your stomach.”

“What is it!? Please tell me. It’s so agonizing, yet so pleasurable.”

“Sex, it’s sex. You thrust a penis deep into your pussy and stir it up. That way, you’ll feel good and the discomfort will disappear.”

“Sex… that’s fine. If it brings pleasure, I don’t mind. Please stop this throbbing soon.”

She opens her private part and begs for it. Despite the fact that her partner is a human man, her usual pride takes a back seat as she repeatedly begs for his penis.

The penis, already erect, throbs at the thought of being desired by such a beautiful girl. Unzipping his pants, he takes it out, and the moist glans presses against the vaginal entrance, wet with pre-cum. The penis, which seems even more erect than usual, causes a flicker of fear in Ravel’s eyes, although she had been begging for penetration.

“I-Is it really that big? W-Will it fit…? But I don’t want it to stay like this…”

“If Ravel-sama doesn’t want it, I can stop.”

He says something he doesn’t truly mean.

Suppressing the urge to thrust it in and ejaculate immediately, he intends to let her break down her final fortress herself. Despite having experienced the taste of sex with Mitarai before, he firmly believes that consensual lovemaking is supreme and rape is out of the question. Sex without love is not enjoyable for either party. Sex that pleases both of them is what he considers true sex. Well, judging by her demeanor, she probably won’t refuse.

“…I don’t mind. Please, insert your cock into my pussy just like this.”