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The Devilish Conquer

“If you insist, then I can’t refuse. Oh, by the way, there’s something I want to tell you. From the moment my dick enters, Ravel-sama will become my woman, you know? You wouldn’t say it’s over once you get pleasure from it, right? Ravel-sama… no, Ravel will lose her virginity to my dick, so it’s only natural, right?”

“Yes… I… I will become yours, Takashi-sama. So, please… please insert it!”

Perhaps unable to endure any longer, she nods without thinking about it.

Because of that, she doesn’t even notice the change in his tone and continues to beg for the insertion of his penis. Her hips sway, seeking the male’s flesh rod, like a female in heat rather than a noble young lady. With both hands placed on the left and right of her labia, she eagerly opens herself up, waiting for the penis. Her clitoris, which is not accustomed to stimulation, is fully erect and prominent.

With a squelching sound, the fist-sized glans is swallowed by her vagina. Her labia spreads to accommodate the shape of the penis, and it looks painful just to watch.

“Oh… It’s entering… You’re… Takashi-sama’s… penis… Mmm… Ugh… Ahh…”

She accepts the penetration of the penis while struggling to catch her breath, perhaps due to the overwhelming foreign sensation.

Even though her honey pot is drenched with desire and lust, it still requires considerable skill to navigate the vaginal walls of an inexperienced virgin. He moves his hips from side to side, diligently stretching and developing her tight vaginal flesh.

Despite being tight, as if driven by her instinct as a female, her vaginal flesh clings firmly to the penis, causing Ravel to moan with just a slight movement.

“Ugh… Ohh… I can feel it… My hymen has been torn… I’ve become Takashi-sama’s woman…”

With a soft tearing sound, her hymen breaks. Perhaps because she is a pure-blooded devil, she doesn’t feel much pain, and the glans slips smoothly into the depths of her vagina.

Her rigid vaginal flesh, accepting a man for the first time, diligently serves him, displaying an adorable sight. Her vaginal walls clench around the penis, as if requesting to be played with. The lifelong virginity that was supposed to be dedicated to the man she had promised to marry.

To offer it to a human she just met today and to receive it with joy is frankly abnormal. But considering how she smiles happily, it might be her definition of happiness.

He thrusts his hips to stretch her tight and clenching vaginal opening, simultaneously teaching her the shape of his formidable penis.

“Ah… Ugh… Mmm…”

“Virginity is truly the best. It’s so tight and gripping.”

“R-Really?… If that’s the case, I’m happy. Please enjoy my vagina more.”

Blood, evidence of her deflowering, trickles from the joining point and runs down the shaft of Mitarai’s penis.

As the pain begins to transform into pleasure, Ravel seems to have gained some composure, and her arms wrap tightly around his back, clinging to him.

“Ravel… Ravel…”

“Ohh… It’s amazing… Takashi-sama’s penis is going in and out of my pussy… and when it grinds against… Ahh…”

With squelching sounds, the piston-like thrusting continues, and Ravel’s vagina gradually loosens and envelops the penis. It alternates between widening and tightening.

Repeating the perfect combination of enveloping and tightening, it stimulates the male. The noble young lady, who is used to being served, now pleases the man. The penis grows larger inside her vagina in response to the excitement of the situation. Sensing this keenly, her vaginal flesh also expands to accommodate the penis.

With each movement of his hips, Ravel’s voice, which was slightly pained, is now tinged with sweetness. Her vaginal opening expertly tightens around the shaft, deserving to be called a skilled lover.

In the missionary position, calling each other’s names, they engage in sex that clearly resembles that of lovers. The feeling of taboo intensifies as the proud Ravel is dominated and moves her hips to match the male’s rhythm, heightening the sense of climax.

Various women have been captivated by the semen that now pulsates within, circling around inside the scrotum. It is a thick semen that is far from human. Once smelled, it becomes an unforgettable, intense masculine scent.

As he thrusts, the scrotum lifts and clings to the shaft, creating a slapping sound.

“Ugh… Ravel, I’m… going to… cum!”

“Yes, yes! Please release a lot inside my vagina! Ahh… Ahh…!”

――――Splat, splat, splat, splat! The semen spurts out.

While still snugly attached to the cervix, the glans trembles, and a large amount of semen is ejaculated from the tip.

In reality, her uterus should have belonged to her fiancé or husband. Yet, it now remembers the intensity and quantity of Mitarai’s semen. The viscous semen, once it delves into the uterus, doesn’t easily come out. But it is pushed out by the continuous flow of semen, overflowing from the uterus.

“Ahh… It’s… hot… It’s coming out…”

“Ohhh… I’m being milked…”

The uterus clings to the glans as if it has become a separate creature, sucking up the semen.

With each suck of the uterus, trembling, her mind and body descend into Mitarai. Ravel realizes this not through reason, but through instinct. She can no longer separate herself from this man. As she experiences the pleasant sensation of her first sexual encounter, she becomes exhausted, and her consciousness fades slowly.

“Mmm… Ugh… Haa…”

He ejaculates every last drop inside her pussy. Even though she has lost consciousness, the fact that she drank his semen in her uterus causes a seductive voice to escape her.

Finally emptying all the semen from inside his scrotum, Mitarai regains his thoughts. When he looks at Ravel with a regained sense of reason, he sees her body twitching involuntarily. She lies there, completely drained and limp, as if thrown away after being raped.

Semen spills out from her female genitalia, leaving a considerable amount on the bed. The volume of semen is enough to impregnate her if she is in her fertile period. Despite the passage of time, it remains thick and sticky, a testament to Mitarai’s strong virility.

Looking down at the unconscious Ravel, Mitarai smiles darkly. Once again, he has dyed another woman in his color.