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Grayfia Lucifuge

Grayfia was feeling depressed.

Why should I have sex with a man I don’t even like? And to make matters worse, he was a human male. She kept her anger within herself, unspoken in her words, expressions, and actions. As a maid, she was perfect, and only those close to her would notice her inner anger.

Grayfia had a very complicated position in the Gremory family. Since her husband was the Devil Lord, she technically didn’t need to serve the Gremory family. However, her family name wouldn’t allow it. The name Lucifuge was associated with a clan that served the previous Lucifer, and her younger brother was part of a group known as the Old Devil Faction, which made things awkward for her.

She and her husband, Sirzechs Lucifer (formerly known as Sirzechs Gremory), were a couple who had come together after an unusual love affair, even for Devils. Having grown up watching their parents, who had married for love, Sirzechs also longed for a love marriage. Although they became enemies during the internal strife among Devils, they eventually united after twists and turns.

Because of that, Venelana, who essentially ruled over the Gremory family, didn’t have a favorable opinion of her. From Venelana’s perspective, it was a disgrace that her son married someone associated with the Old Devil Faction. Although they pretended to be a harmonious parent and child, they occasionally faced unreasonable demands, as was the case this time.

This time, Grayfia was asked to meet the man with whom Venelana recently became intimate and conceived a child. She wanted to explode and vent her anger at Venelana right away, but she had to endure it to avoid causing trouble for her husband.

Furthermore, there was a heavy burden on her lower abdomen, which was sapping her motivation and everything else.

While being careful not to let her anger show in her gestures, Grayfia walked towards a small mansion in the distance.

“Are you Takashi Mitarai-san?”

Upon entering a room in the mansion, Grayfia looked at the boy in front of her and thought, “How ordinary.”

According to what Venelana had told her, Rias was also infatuated with him, but she wondered what elements of this ordinary boy could captivate her. She tilted her head in confusion.

“Yes, that’s me. And you are?”

“I apologize for not introducing myself. My name is Grayfia Lucifuge. I am a maid serving the Gremory family. Today, under Lady Venelana’s orders, I have come to accompany you, sir.”

“When you say ‘accompany,’ what exactly do you mean?”

“It refers to a romantic encounter between a man and a woman. Although I am a woman who knows no man other than my husband, I will do my best to serve you. Please take care of me.”

Why did she have to serve this boy?

Until a moment ago, the boy had been lying listlessly on the bed. But now, his eyes began to gleam. They were not the eyes of a human man, but rather the eyes of a beast facing its prey.

“What is the first service Grayfia-san?”

“You don’t need to use honorifics with a maid. Please call me Grayfia casually. The first service is a kiss. It involves our lips touching. Please enjoy it.”

At this moment, she was just a maid. Forget about her husband and quickly finish this task. After all, he was just a human man who would be satisfied with a casual encounter.

With that in mind, she approached him, her eyes shining. “…His face is more attractive than I thought. Perhaps he is above average among ordinary men. His long eyelashes give him a somewhat feminine appearance. Well, it’s better than being involved with an unsightly man.”

“Mmm… kiss kiss kiss What do you think of my kisses? I would be happy if you liked them.”

“Hmm, it’s still not enough, I guess. Besides, we’re not children, so isn’t it different to call it a kiss when it’s just the touching of lips? It’s supposed to be a relationship between a man and a woman, right? And even though I’m currently limited, I am your master. Think of and give me a perverted kiss that can satisfy the master you serve.”

“…Understood. Then, I’ll do my best.”

Doesn’t she realize it’s just a social courtesy? While it’s true that she spoke in a familiar manner, it’s infuriating how she confidently speaks with that as her shield.

Why does it have to be me of all people… she muttered quietly to herself, but she held back her anger. The maid, who had served the Gremory family for many years, didn’t get angry over trivial matters.

Kiss, chew, nibble, lick… lick, lick… suck…

She extended her hot and slippery tongue, swirling it inside Mitarai’s mouth. It explored every corner, the back of the tongue, the gums, leaving no part untouched.

To onlookers, it would seem like a passionate kiss between lovers or even something suspicious. It was a passionate kiss filled with the pride of a maid, a devoted and self-sacrificing act. However, her eyes still looked coldly at Mitarai, looking down on him.

After intertwining their tongues, his tongue moved as if urging for more saliva. She transferred the accumulated saliva in her mouth to his tongue, letting it flow into his mouth.

“Suck.. Is this to your liking?”

“Yeah, it was a pretty hot and sexy kiss. So, what should we do next? Oh, can I make a request? I didn’t really think about it before, I want Grayfia to see my big cock…”

“I understand. Then, I’ll undress you. Hnnn… struggling…”

She loosened the belt of his pants and quickly pulled them down. Just from lowering the pants and facing his underwear, a strong masculine scent reached Grayfia’s nose.

“What is this smell… It’s nowhere near comparable to her husband… it’s so strong…”

The pungent scent disgusted Grayfia and shook her heart. It was not a conscious feeling, but a deep-rooted instinctual urge that screamed not to let this male escape.