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Chapter 144: Intimate moments and profound conversations

Mortis was harnessed by Marina and Valeria. While Valeria sat on his lap, Marina also took a seat next to him and tried to get his attention. Mortis let this happen and enjoyed the feeling of companionship. Shortly after, he felt comfortable and fell asleep.

After about four hours of sleep, Mortis woke up to find that everyone was gone. This surprised him a bit, because he had thought that at least Helga would stay with him. When he sat up, he was met by a servant who led him to a large bathhouse. There Mortis was to recuperate and wash. He took the time to do so and enjoyed the refreshing shower.

His wives, on the other hand, had gone back to the battlefield once again to take care of the soldiers and recover their treasures. They then participated in decorating for the upcoming feast. As Mortis was about to leave the bathhouse to get dressed, the door suddenly opened.

door suddenly opened, and Helga entered quietly and stealthily, a grin on her face.

Mortis said nothing, but watched the scene as Helga turned and was slightly startled to suddenly find herself standing in front of him. Without saying a word, she began to take off her clothes and finally stepped naked into the water. She impatiently pulled Mortis with her, and he followed her into the bath water without resistance.

On a balcony of the castle, Merlin held Opera in his arms and they looked out at the city together. As they flirted, Opera said to Merlin, “Darling, if Mortis becomes king, you could be the next Count of Bamberg.” Merlin, however, thought for a moment and then shook his head. “No, I don’t think so. After all, I would no longer be directly subordinate to him. But perhaps I could obtain one of these lands here in the south. After all, I want to remain his advisor and continue to follow him. Although it may be a challenge, I would gain power in his system, similar to mine. That way, I can rise faster and gain more magic powers as well as opportunities to become stronger.”

“I understand,” Opera replied. However, she suddenly turned around and smiled mischievously. “But I’ll tell you this: no matter how far he goes, you don’t have to do everything just like him. I will not tolerate you having a harem. Even though the temptations are great, you must have no more than the four wives you desire, and no concubines. Understand me correctly, I am not as lenient as the others. Believe me, if I have to, I’ll cut your balls off.” Then she gave her shocked husband a kiss and pulled him by the hand into her room. “Come on, I’ll show you why I’m actually rich.”

Merlin nodded understandingly and followed silently with a happy smile.

As in Mortis’ castle, everything was watched and monitored by the servants. Many of the servants in the corridors possessed good hearing and spying skills, so they were especially knowledgeable about what was going on in the various rooms. At the thought of the northern people so blithely performing their acts of love in other houses, many of them blushed and became annoyed.

When Elara went with Elysia to the bathroom to pick up Mortis, they were stopped by a young servant. With a red face, she explained that Mortis would probably need some more time, as he was busy at the moment. This information puzzled the two women, and they wondered what he could be busy with when all he really wanted to do was bathe. In a stuttering whisper, the servant quietly explained that Helga was also in the bathroom. The younger servant whispered so softly that the women could not understand her. When they inquired, an older servant explained, “The young gentleman is having fun with one of his wives. How long it will last is unpredictable. When they are finished, Mortis will come to you with the woman.”

Elysia and Elara’s heads turned red and they turned abruptly. Elara stopped short and said, “Please send him to my study. I have something to discuss.” Then both women disappeared hurriedly. The older servant laughed while the young servant stood waiting with a red head, wondering why her mistress was also reacting as nervously as she was.

After the older servant’s laughter died down, she looked at the younger servant and asked why she was looking so disgruntled. The young servant replied, “Shouldn’t Madam Elara react as calmly as you?”

The older servant smiled and explained, “Oh, child, don’t you know? Elara was married to the country for tactical and martial reasons. Mistress Lilia is weakened, and the other women have neither the understanding nor the courage to take such a position. Actually, the plan was for Miss Elara to marry the young son Bernard in a few years. But the Marquis was seriously injured and then became ill. Therefore, he married Elara so that she could later marry his son to take over the kingdom. Bernard is rigorously trained and educated to take on this responsibility. But I’m curious to see what happens next when the young lord learns that his wife is being “stolen” before his eyes.” At this, the older servant began to laugh heartily again.

Mortis and Helga were by no means deaf; since the servant had a loud voice, they could hear every word. As they stepped out of the bathroom, silence quickly fell. Nevertheless, Mortis nodded to the older servant and thanked her for the information. Then he took Helga in his arms and politely asked if the servants could now accompany them to the study. The younger servant nodded sheepishly and led the way, while the older servant bowed her head and smiled uncertainly.

When they arrived at the study, they found the room full of all the wives and children of the late Margrave, who were engaged in heated debates about the future steps. Some of them chided Elara, especially Elysia, for her brief disappearance. But when Mortis entered the room, silence fell briefly. A boy of about 11 or 12 stood in front of Mortis and vigorously declared that Elara was his and that he would not give her away.

Mortis, who was of imposing height, knelt down to look at the boy at eye level and said, “You must be Margrave Bernard, I presume. It’s nice to meet you, young man. But now, please leave the room, for the adults have important matters to discuss.” With a friendly smile, Mortis stood up and turned to all present, “Also, the rest of you who have nothing of substance to contribute, please out. There are still important matters we need to discuss. See you at the celebration.”

Mortis went to the desk where Elara and Elysia were sitting and sat down. Helga made room for him and watched as the women with the children angrily left the room. Margrave Bernard gave Helga a nasty look and snorted before closing the door angrily. Before he left, however, he gave Mortis the middle finger. Mortis smiled wryly and remarked, “What a nice young man.”

Elysia and Elara looked embarrassed, but they said nothing for the moment. Then Elara cleared her throat and pulled out a stack of documents.

They were documents from captains and nobles, reporting on the progress of the battle, especially on the captured nobles, including those who had died in battle. Now it was necessary to decide whether most of these houses were rather simple vassals or actually represented warring elements. It was also necessary to verify whether they were connected with the sect that was fomenting unrest and plundering villages in the empire.

Although the official negotiations were not to begin for another three days, it was of great importance to take action now. It was necessary to clarify how to deal with the remaining

family members to ensure that they would not leave the country or the city, or worse, to contain possible dangers, even considering the possibility of imprisonment.So it was up to Mortis to study the reports carefully and remember which nobles had acted against him and the queen with particular zeal. This would enable him to assess potential dangers and react appropriately.