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120 Ch-120: Three Women, Part-2

” Ohh Lingxi” Wang Ming moaned in pleasure when she felt her soft breasts rubbing his long and thick rod up and down. Her body twitched when she heard him calling her name with such passion. She leaned close, Wang Ming could feel her hot breath on his erect dick, she stuck her tongue out and started licking from bottom to top.

The warm and wet sensation of her tongue was bringing her equal if not much more pleasure compared to her breasts. Her tongue crawled down the underside of his dick and ran all over his hardened shaft.

In the next moment without hesitation, Linxgi slammed her forward, swallowing his dick in her mouth. Wang Ming groaned when he felt the familiar warm and wet feeling of her mouth.

” ~ Fuck~” Wang Ming moaned in pleasure as Bai Lingxi sated moving her head to and fro, making slurping sounds in the room an extra length that did not fit in her mouth she used her throat to envelop the extra length

” ~ Oh YES~” Wang Ming hissed as he pushed down Bai Linxgi’s head even harder, burying her nose into his pubes

Shi Yu was looking at the lewd display and was also quick to join them. She started licking Wang Ming’s balls which were unoccupied by Bai Lingxi’s oral skills. Wang Min felt he was in heaven at this moment seeing two heavenly beauties serving his little brother with their mouth, if some men saw this scene they would be burning in jealousy and would even kill Wang Ming for sacking not one but two beauties

Luo Li who had climaxed before was no less excited as she witnessed her fellow sisters pleasing Wang Ming with their mouths, she had removed her robes and was masturbating

” ~ AHH SO LEWD~” Luo Li moaned loudly as she climaxed once more as she climaxed from fingering herself, she was just a virgin a few days ago, and seeing such an intense soon brought her to the peak of pleasure

Wang Ming watched as Luo Li crawled towards him while huge breasts swayed with each movement, she had her tongue out and was panting heavily, Wang Ming felt his dick grow bigger seeing such an enticing sight, even though he had sex with plenty of women in his past life, seeing such an enticing scene still excites him and not to mention even normal women of this world is comparable to the top tier beauties of his previous world and not to mention beauties like Bai Lingxi, Shi Yu, Luo Li and other top tier beauties of this world could be considered Goddesses in his previous world and seeing them behave so lustful could easily excite a man like him. He quickly lied down on the floor while the two women were sucking his manhood

” ~ OHHH…YES~” Luo Li moaned when she felt Wang Ming pull the two huge balls of flesh dangling from her chest roughly when she get closer, she enjoyed the rough treatment she was receiving from him

” ~ OHH…SQUEEZE THEM HARDER~” Luo Li shouted at the top of her as Wang Ming started kneading and pulling her breasts, occasionally pulling and pinching her nipples which almost brought her near to climax


Wang Ming knew she was close to releasing her Yin Qi and her masochist tendencies, so he landed a tight slap with his palms on her bottom I think you should take a look at novelr18.com

” ~ OH HEAVENS I A CUMMING~” Luo Li screamed in ecstasy as she released her Yin Qi all over the ground


“Huff…Huff…W-wait…HEAVENS” Luo Li was panting heavily and sweat covered her body but before she could catch her breath she felt Wang Ming kiss the tip of her breasts suddenly and started sucking her nipples
Luo Li felt her stiff nipples getting caught by his soft lips and felt like he was trying to pull her nipples from her breasts

” ~ OH HEAVENS~” Luo Li moaned when she felt his warm wet tongue licking her nipples, she kept moaning and writhing in pleasure as he shifted towards her other breast

” Ekk” Luo Li let out a startled yelp when she felt Wang Ming grab her ass and made her sit on his face, while her face was pointing towards Bai Lingxi and Shi Yu who was busy sucking his dick, her breathing turned heavier when she felt his hot breath on her pussy lips

Wang Ming felt he was close to releasing his load in their mouth but felt he could still hold for a few more minutes, Wang Ming’s eyes went towards the wet trembling lips that were dripping with clear liquid, he sniffed the scent of Luo Li’s lower lips and blew on it which made her body shiver in excitement

Wang Ming moved his lips closer to her pussy and gave it a light lick which caused a stream of clear liquid to gush out from the cave above him

” ~OHHH FUCK~” Luo Li instantly released her Yin Qi on Wang Ming’s face, Wang Ming wiped the liquid off his face and pushed his tongue inside the wet hole

” ~ GIVE ME A MOMENT TO CATCH MY BREATH~” Luo Li screamed when she felt Wang Ming’s tongue enter her pussy, but will Wang Ming give her a chance to recover? Absolutely not! He knew that she was enjoying as much as he was, so why the hell would he stop?

He started french kissing her lower lips and could taste the slightly bitter taste of her pussy, he roamed his tongue across the spongy meaty walls and did not leave an inch untouched by his tongue, he kept sucking and licking her pussy, and suddenly felt her pussy walls clinging tightly on his tongue as if trying to squash it, Wang Ming knew she was close to climaxing and instantly increased the speed of the movement of his tongue

” ~ OHHH YES CUUUMMMING~” Luo Li screamed in joy as he released all her Yin Qi inside Wang Ming’s mouth which he swallowed greedily