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Chapter 37: Meeting With Xia Lian (2)

As Qin Yun stepped into the ‘Forbidden Sanctuary,’ his gaze was drawn to a colossal, pure-white staircase that stretched into the distance.

It was a breathtaking sight, seeming to pierce through the clouds.

“The first trial…” He mumbled.

Each step taken on the staircase invoked a gradual increase in pressure, a challenge that would test the persistence of the players.

At the summit of 999 steps lay the gateway to the second trial.

Without hesitation, a confident smile danced upon his lips as he bounded towards the staircase.

He was aware of the gazes on him, and felt their weight like an adrenaline rush.

He pulled his hood over his head, giving him a mysteriously captivating allure, and above it all, the name “Demonic Divinity” blazed with an air of supremacy.

“Wait, isn’t that Demonic Divinity?” A player exclaimed, the shock evident in their voice.

Amused, Qin Yun responded, “Seeking the bounty? Well then, come and try your luck.”

He punctuated his challenge by extending his middle finger, a provocation that left little room for misunderstanding.

“You arrogant prick!”

“Let’s show him!”

The crowd erupted with anger, their determination to claim the reward overpowering their reasoning.

Unperturbed, Qin Yun watched as they began to ascend the staircase, his actions akin to manipulating mere pawns on a chessboard.

<The player Demonic Divinity (Qin Yun) is the first player to eliminate another, earning 10,000 Achievement Points!>

His lips curled into a knowing smile as the notifications rolled in.

“Just as I thought… and then I just need to keep going.”

His thoughts drifted to the rewards for accumulating player eliminations…

100 Kills = 100.000 Achivement Points…

1000 Kills = 1.000.000 Achivement Points…

Yet, in the midst of his contemplation, a sudden instinct jolted him, his body reacting before his mind caught up.


“Uh, Xia Lian…?” He murmured as he saw the figure in question.

Before him stood Xia Lian,

Her long golden hair cascaded down her back like a shimmering waterfall, catching the light in a radiant display.

Her eyes, a captivating shade of crimson, held a depth that seemed to pierce through the very core of his being.

His gaze traced her form, noting the gentle curve of her waist that spoke of both elegance and strength.

There was an air of mature confidence in her every movement, and then there was the undeniable presence of her figure.

The contours of her silhouette held a captivating charm, drawing the eye without effort.

“Fweeet… Those breasts are huge!” One player couldn’t help but whistle at Xia Lian.

“Pfff.” Qin Yun couldn’t help but laugh knowing what will happen now that a player talked about Xia Lian’s figure.


With a dash, Xia Lian surged toward the targeted player, her sword sweeping with deadly precision, severing his connection to life.

The scene before them unfolded like a swift, brutal dance of death.

Her intense gaze shifted back to Qin Yun, who met her stare with a wry grin on his lips.

He made sure his voice carried a playful tone, as he spoke.

“Well, well. Hot and fierce, just my type.” His words were laced with undeniable amusement.

Xia Lian’s eyes flashed irritation at his brazen comment.

Without hesitation, she lunged toward him, her blade raised high, poised for a strike aimed at Qin Yun’s head.

But then, something unexpected happened. Qin Yun effortlessly caught the descending blade with two fingers, his casual demeanor contrasting sharply with the tense Qi that surrounded them.

A yawn escaped his lips as he continued, his voice tinged with casual nonchalance. “Top 3? You guys really need to step up your game. You’re not even a challenge.”

Xia Lian’s frustration only intensified, her sword resonating with her building Qi.

Qin Yun’s surprise was evident, “Impressive, Sword Qi already?”

“But, it’s still lacking depth.”


Increasing his finger’s strength, he snapped her sword in two, the Qi-infused remnants flying toward the hapless player, ending his existence.

A cascade of notifications appeared before Qin Yun, announcing the death of that same player.

Xia Lian’s resolve remained unwavering.

She hurled a punch toward Qin Yun, but to her astonishment, he effortlessly caught it in his grasp.

His response was swift.

“You’ve lost. Admit it. You can’t defeat me.”

“Never!” She roared, bringing out another sword.

She used her other hand and immediately swung at Qin Yun’s arms…


But, just as the blade touched his skin, it immediately broke.

“Do you understand now? You’re still too weak, if u actually want to damage me, an Earth-Grade weapon should be necessary.”

“Earth-Grade!? That’s…too high valued!” Xia Lian screamed in shock, and that’s when Qin Yun remembered her past.

In his past life, they were actually…best friends…well, they hooked up a few times, but it didn’t go more than that.

But, their relationship simply didn’t go further because of Xia Lian herself, despite her gorgeous appearance, she’s actually 42 years old.

And she felt wrong with a young man like Qin Yun, marrying her or even becoming her boyfriend.

By the time they met, and then after they hook up…Qin Yun learned many things about her…

First, she was still a virgin…and Qin Yun took her virginity…


She played this game just for money since she had a really huge debt of more than 3 million!

Her parents had died, and she ended up receiving their debt, and now, she thought that the fastest way to get money was by playing this game.

She was right.

Third, and last…

She’s a bit too coy…and that can be really deadly…and sometimes, she simply snaps and even imprisoned Qin Yun once…

She called it ‘Fem Dom Roleplay’…

Thinking about it, Qin Yun couldn’t help but get shivers!

‘Mature women really are dangerous!’

{What are you talking about?}


As Qin Yun let go of her fist, he asked, “What do you need money for?”

Since they were quite friendly to each other, he didn’t mind becoming friends with her…perhaps lovers…

But, if she dared to betray him…her neck would be cut clean!