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Chapter 158: Chapter 157 – Having sex all night long +18

As she stole my lips, Tiona began to rub herself against me. Our clothes were messed up in an instant. Since Tiona was wearing her usual outfit, her boobs became exposed.

But she didn’t care and continued to kiss me wildly. Our tongues intertwined, and our drool mixed. It was a hot and tasty sensation.

HaAA~~ Haa~~~

Tiona took a deep breath as our lips parted.

“It’s been a while since we’ve done this. No need to rush; I’m not running away.” I carried Tiona to the bed and sat down, placing her on my lap facing me.

Tiona began to move her hips, trying to get my cock hard, and I smiled at her. “What? Do you want to put it inside you already? You’re already very wet.”

I began to kiss Tiona’s neck tenderly, and she began to dig her nails into my back. Her body had goosebumps all over. Of course, my cock got hard.

Noticing the hardness of my cock touching her thighs, Tiona pulled me away from her neck and climbed off my lap. She licked her lips and then began to remove my shirt gently. She removed her top next.

She slowly crept toward me, beginning to touch my body with her delicate hands.

“Do you like this?” Tiona began licking my nipples as she touched my cock over my pants.

“Yes, it’s good,” I replied as I enjoyed the feel of her rough tongue on my nipple. After playing with me some more, she slowly pulled down my pants, and my cock popped out.

“Wha~~~” Tiona made a sound like she was surprised and then moved closer, licking my cock from the base to the head in a single lick. “It’s so big.” She began to move her tongue in an ungoverned manner on the head of my cock.

My toes twitched.

“Hahaha, you’re shaking. What? Is that good?” Tiona continued to lick the head of my cock, and my pre-cum began to leak out. Feeling that taste, Tiona shoved my entire cock inside her mouth.

As she had done a few times before, she swallowed it completely. She hurt her throat. And after shoving it down to the base, she removed it from her throat at once, making a sound like she was about to vomit.

When the tightness and warmth of her throat stopped enveloping my cock, I felt like shoving it down her throat again. It felt fucking good.

“Cof~~~ Cof~~~”

“You don’t have to overdo it.”

“I just wanted to test it. I’ve done this before, haven’t I?”

“But the other times, you almost threw up, too, didn’t you?”

“Well, I’ll be able to do it masterfully if I keep practicing, won’t I?”


Tiona put my cock inside her mouth again, but this time she stuck it only halfway in. She started making fast, uncontrolled movements with her head as she hit all my weak points.

She wanted to make me cum as fast as possible.

And if that’s what she wants, I will give it to her.

I closed my eyes, and the pleasure reached its peak. My sperm started to spill out into her mouth. However, she continued to move her head uncontrollably as she sucked every remaining cum into my urethra.

When my cum had been completely sucked out, she continued to taste my cock for a few more seconds before removing it from her mouth.

She sucked it so hard that I thought she would pull my cock out.

“You’ve gotten good at that, haven’t you?

“You think so?”

“Yes, much better than before.”

“Well, the other times, you just did as you pleased; you didn’t let me do it for you.”

“Liar, the last time we had sex, I let you do it your way.”

“Alright~~ Alright~~ How about you fuck my hot wet pussy now?

“You don’t have to say it twice.”


Tiona lay on the bed, and I began licking every part of her body. Starting at her neck, I moved down to her boobs, played with them briefly, and then moved down until I reached the middle of her legs.

I started to touch her pussy with my finger and then slowly inserted it.

It had been a while since we had done this, so I wanted to make her pussy as prepared as possible so that she wouldn’t feel any pain. Like Hestia.

“Hm~~” She moaned and spread her legs wider. “Keep going.” After I stopped moving my fingers, she begged me to continue. My finger moved in and out of her pussy slowly as I hit her G-spot.

Tiona began to moan loudly in time; she was close to cumming. She doesn’t come as fast as Lili and Hestia, but it is still easy to get her to come. Seeing that she was reaching her limit, I swallowed her pussy.


Surprised, Tiona started laughing and held my head, pressing me against her pussy. With my tongue inside her pussy, I touched her G-spot as she came into my mouth.

Her liquid squirted out, and I savoured it.

The strength in Tiona’s arms ran out, and she let go of my head. I licked her pussy some more before I pulled away and began to masturbate, preparing to shove my cock inside her.

“Please make it quick.” Even though she had just cum, Tiona opened her pussy for me and begged me to get my cock inside her as fast as possible. Her green eyes were filled with tears, and she was drooling.

Her dark skin was glistening because of the sweat.

I was so horny that I didn’t even think before I shoved mine inside her pussy as hard as I could. Tiona screamed as if in pain; she had probably caught the people’s attention in the next room.

But we didn’t care about that; we wanted to fuck all night.