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Chapter 97: Professional Hero class S rank 7, Metal Knight

Because up until now, he has only demonstrated his raw strength and speed derived from the technology his father has created. Kaiser is actually quite excited about the fact that he is about to demonstrate the explosive power that his battle suit possesses for the very first time.



A number of the components of Kaiser’s battle suit went through some minor adjustments, one of which was the addition of a long, small cannon that protruded from both of his arms. While he was aiming it up, Kaiser soon clicked the trigger, and immediately a reddish-yellow flame laser beam shot up into the sky and hit the asteroid.

“I still have something else. Take this!”

Not only that, but the rear of Kaiser’s battle suit developed a series of small holes, the sight of which caused people to get goosebumps, and from those holes, a small rocket with a high-velocity shot crashed into the asteroid.



“Looks like I really underestimated him. Do I have any hope with this,” Fubuki remarked as she looked up in surprise, seeing an extremely divine and majestic pillar of laser light smashing toward the asteroid.



The small rocket that Kaiser released turned out to have extraordinary explosive power despite its small size. Even Genos, who was a human cyborg, could not believe what he was seeing now, while Saitama, standing next to him, just gaped with his sparkling eyes full of admiration.

“Wow, look at that, Genos. Not only does that man’s battle suit have a cool design, but it also shoots rockets and lasers, just like the Gundam I read about in the manga.”

“Master, the Gundam you read about in the manga is a robot, whereas that person only wears a battle suit.”

The stubborn Saitama does not want to listen, and he keeps praising the performance of Kaiser’s battle suit while occasionally comparing it to Genos’ human cyborg body.

Genos couldn’t help but keep quiet, but on the inside, he was completely shocked by the explosive power that man’s battle suit gave off, and he became curious about the man inside because he had a question he wanted to ask.

The astonishing appearance that Kaiser made even attracted the people on the streets. They all looked this way with a mixture of amazement and hope, but Kaiser, who had expended a lot of energy from his battle suit, gradually furrowed his brows.

“Dragon-level threats are indeed not easy. Even after I have exerted all the power of my battle suit, this asteroid does not budge.”

After coming to his conclusion, Kaiser decided to stop his attack, and as a result, the smoke and explosions that had been covering the asteroid began to dissipate, allowing people to see that the asteroid had not even been scratched despite the devastating impact that they had just witnessed from Kaiser.

‘This is bad. What should I do? Our plan failed at the start… wait… I can’t give up yet,’ Fubuki whispered to herself as her face began to turn pale and her body began to tremble.

Because at first, the plan called for Kaiser to be in charge of destroying the asteroid while Fubuki would make use of her esper powers to keep the fragments from falling to the ground. Yet, neither of them anticipated that this asteroid wasn’t destroyed nor scratched after all that.

“If it’s like this, I just have to try with my own strength,” After saying that, Fubuki started to get serious. Her eyes even started shining with a bright green light, and her body slowly flew up. And while raising both hands, Fubuki made a gesture as if she wanted to block this asteroid only with her esper power.

Saitama sighed and commented, “That woman, it won’t work,” and before Genos asked why, he could see it for himself right away when Fubuki started vomiting blood, but despite this, she only tried even harder when her esper power was truly being tested to its maximum potential.



The asteroid was enveloped in a brilliant green glow for a brief period of time, which caused it to decelerate and then come to a complete halt. Nevertheless, this effect only lasted a fraction of a third of a second before the light dimmed and eventually vanished, prompting the asteroid to resume its falling motion.


“P-please… don’t fall… *cough… I can still do it… if I give up now, I won’t be able to surpass my older sister…” Fubuki yelled out quite emotionally, and she then continued to try raising her hand, which was now violently shaking. But soon after, Kaiser, who had been merely watching earlier, hurriedly flew towards Fubuki before hugging her.

“L-let go of me, Kaiser!… I can still do it…this is my chance to prove it…”

Kaiser simply disregarded Fubuki’s opinion and led her back down to the rooftop of the building of the Hero Association. At that moment, Bang suddenly appeared out of nowhere and made a comment:

“You guys have done your best. I even thought you would succeed at it.”

Before either Kaiser or Fubuki could respond, another individual arrived whose presence was sufficient to surprise Bang and Fubuki, whereas Kaiser did nothing more than raise his eyebrows.

“That explosive power you displayed just now was impressive. Nevertheless, it seems that your plan is still failing.”

The voice of the robot is emanated from a large figure that is entirely covered in metal. It carries all its weapons on its body and has multiple cannons attached to its back. This figure is, in fact, a robot, and it is a Professional Hero class S rank 7.

Bang responded with a chuckle, “hohoho, I didn’t expect you to come, Metal Knight,” but Bofoi, or what most people know as Metal Knight, simply answered casually in his robotic voice:

“I didn’t come here to fulfill the summons of the Hero Association. I just wanted to test out my newest weapon.”

In an instant, one more person came, and this newcomer was a woman who was also a prominent figure in the S Class circle. Right at the moment when this petite woman arrived, she started chatting right away with sharp words.

“You guys are useless. At a critical time like this, you are busy talking and foolish. You better start again from the bottom so you know what a Hero should do… ahhh, you guys really piss me off!”