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Chapter 98: Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist!!!

‘sisters! she really came…’

In this very moment, in addition to being speechless due to shock, I also do not dare to look directly at my older sister, Tatsumaki, because seeing her flying up in the sky with her mighty and magnificent appearance makes me feel even more feeble and like nothing at all.

“hahaha, even Tatsumaki came, how unusual, then how about we work together,” Bang suggested, and for some reason, he got a little excited as his gaze, which was calm before, now gave off an odd glow.

“Sorry, Silver Fang, I have to refuse…” before Bofoi or Metal Knight could continue his words, Tatsumaki had already cut him off, and with a stern voice, she said:

“Old geezer, didn’t you see I’ve been holding it back? Plus, hey, you junk over there. If you’re scared, you better run away now, or I’ll crush you later.”

Hearing that, everyone then looked up, and they were all shocked. I even managed to smile wryly because, in the end, I felt so stupid when I saw my older sister easily holding the asteroid moves in place with her esper powers.

A stronger and brighter bright green light was now enveloping the asteroid, and judging by the expression on my sister’s face and how calm she was, it seemed that she was completely unaffected. This caused me to sink even further into the depths of my inferiority complex.



Bang then did a light warm-up, and there was a crackling sound from all over his body. With a firm stance, he then jumped very high and fast. Even the roof that was his footing also cracked a little bit, but before that, he also said:

“Metal Knight, I entrust the rest to you. I’m sure you won’t let your beloved robot be destroyed by Tatsumaki’s hands, right?”

When Bofoi heard this, he went silent, as did everyone else, because everyone’s attention was currently focused on Bang, whose body had now shot up into the sky, and I could faintly hear him saying:

“Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist!!!”

I could see Bang’s figure, which looked like an ant, floating in contrast to the enormous asteroid before him. But, very quickly, as if he were punching a regular rock, Bang quickly created many cracks in the asteroid, and before long, it gradually shattered into several large pieces.



The entire asteroid suddenly shattered into pieces like a shooting star. Even though my sister could stop most of the fragments from falling, a few managed to get away.

Kaiser, standing still next to me, suddenly hugged me around the waist and invited me to take flight in the direction of some of the asteroid fragments that had gotten away from Tatsumaki.

“Wait, Kaiser, what do you want?” I asked confusedly.

“don’t you want to help out and put on a good performance at a time like this?” answered Kaiser, and even though I could not see Kaiser’s face at the time, I was confident that he was smiling widely at this moment.

“But, my older sister is here now. Bang and Metal Knights are also there. They can handle it without our help.”

“Don’t be stupid, look! At their sloppy work, this is a good opportunity for you, and more importantly, you can’t always look weak in front of your sister.”

‘But I am weak, very weak. Did you not see how ridiculous it was for me to try to stop the asteroid with my weak esper powers? And look now, my sister can do it much better without any problems.’

I wanted to express everything going through my head, but I could only do so from the depths of my heart. In the end, all I could do was crack a small smile and unconsciously hug Kaiser’s body even more tightly.



This time, the asteroid fragments we are dealing with are pretty small, so Kaiser and I can handle them as we destroy them one by one. In the meantime, the previously hesitant Metal Knight seems compromised when he starts firing his rocket, which is now sliding, eliminating the larger asteroid fragments.

Occasionally I would glance at my older sister and see how she was hovering there, looking around bored and disinterested, making something inside of me start to change, and for some reason, I suddenly became excited.

“Next, Kaiser!”

Kaiser didn’t say anything and brought me to every bit of the asteroid that fell until suddenly, a blonde-haired man who wasn’t fully human flew over. This guy intends to do the same thing Kaiser, and I did.

“This guy is Genos if I’m not mistaken. Tsk… what is he doing, you bastard,” I said irritatedly, but Genos only glanced at two of us before responding:

“Sorry, I can’t do it. According to my analysis, you guys won’t be able to complete everything on time, which is why I’m here to lend a hand.”

Before I could say anything else, Genos was already impatiently flying away, and Kaiser said, “Focus, Fubuki, and don’t think about it too much.”


After I had calmed myself down, we continued with what we were going to do. Even though I didn’t want to accept it, with Genos’ assistance, our work was indeed completed on time and effectively, and not even a single asteroid fragment touched the city.

In addition, Metal Knight, Bang, and my older sister have dealt with all of the larger asteroid fragments that were scattered around. The sky over City Z, which was previously cloudy and dim, is now clear and bright, displaying a gorgeous blue color with calming white clouds.

But all of a sudden, as Kaiser and I descended and landed on the roof of the Hero Association building to take a break, my older sister came over, and without any further ado, she immediately greeted me with her sarcastic comment:

“Fubuki, long time no see. You haven’t changed at all, even your strength too. I was worried that you were trying to avoid me lately, but now, I think I know why.”