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Chapter 65: These bunch of animals

For the past few days, Vice Admiral Gion has personally overseen the training sessions that have been carried out by Luffy, Uta, and Makino. Gion had spent only a brief amount of time with them, but in that time, she had gained a general understanding of their nature and abilities. Even though she did not have particularly high expectations, she was occasionally surprised.

“What’s that? Are you trying to say that Luffy is very talented or something… bwahahaha… of course, he’s my grandson after all…”

“Shut up, old geezer! You cut off my report! Don’t make me start all over again!” Gion shot back an irritated retort, and while doing so, she crossed her arms over her chest and continued to say:

“I didn’t say your grandson was talented or anything, considering I just found out that he turned out to be a devil fruit user, so you could say that I was just a little surprised by his devil fruit powers, that’s all.”

“Hmm, Gomu Gomu Nomi, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that grants the user’s body the properties of rubber, effectively turning them into a Rubber Human, huh, quite unique, I’m sure it will also help him in his growth,” commented Sengoku.

“That brat! I actually hated it when I found out he ate devil fruit, but I had no other choice. This is all also because of that damn Shanks!”

“Shanks? You mean the red hair pirate?” asked Gion in surprise, but Garp could only scratch his head before bursting out laughing and trying to change the subject:

“Oh yeah, and what about the other two? Makino and Uta?”

When Sengoku saw that, he could only take a deep breath and shake his head, but he chose to keep quiet and pet his goat instead. Meanwhile, Gion, who had become slightly suspicious, also didn’t answer right away for a while before responding:

“For that woman named Makino, she’s just average, nothing special… but yeah, Her strong determination amazed me a bit… and for Shanks’ adopted daughter, you could say her growth is the fastest. She only loses to Luffy because of the Devil Fruit. And for other things she can be considered talented.”

Garp and Sengoku nodded their heads quite satisfied, and after finishing the report, Gion went back to check on the training that Luffy, Uta, and Makino were doing.

There are thousands of Marines exercising their bodies on the vast grounds of Marine Headquarters. Their screams can also be heard blaring to all sides simultaneously when they do push-ups, sit-ups, or other similar things.

“These bunch of animals always give me dirty looks every time I come,” Gion said with her brows furrowed, her eyes looking disgusted at all the marines in front of her.

But without Gion realizing that her current facial expression was very sexy, coupled with her slightly daring appearance, it made anyone who saw her look like they were being bewitched, especially Luffy, who has big ambitions.

“There they are. Why do they always choose a position on the quiet corner? They really succes in annoys me.”

As Gion said, at this time, Luffy, Uta, and Makino were training on the sidelines, which were, in fact, far from the presence of other marines. The training they were doing was also different. They were swinging a Shinai, a bamboo sword that a samurai typically uses to practice swords before using the real thing. Also, competing with a shinai is a common way to test one’s skills with a sword in a non-lethal environment.

‘judging by their sweat, it looks as though they put a lot of effort into training, but why are their faces turning red?’ Gion thought in surprise because this wasn’t the first time she had encountered this. In fact, whenever Gion left the three of them alone during these few days, she had the uneasy feeling that something was off.

“You did a good job, Makino, and now you can rest. Luffy and Uta, continue to swing for another hundred times.”

“Wait a minute, Vice Admiral Gion, why are you so hard on Luffy, he’s still a child. Shouldn’t he be the one to rest first?” Makino objected, with her cheeks already turning a brighter red shade and her entire body drenched in sweat.

“You are just an ordinary woman who has never tried to train your body before, so don’t compare with Luffy who is a devil fruit user, and with the training his grandfather has given him so far, even though his is a kid, he is stronger than most of the marines here, Do you understand?”

Makino became speechless after receiving a lengthy explanation packed with facts and a scathing comment from Gion. In the end, Makino could only nod her head and sat down to rest beneath a nearby tree.

“Hey, I’m good with this arduous training, but can you teach me anything else? You should know that I don’t use swords in my fighting style.

This time it was Uta who tried to protest, but she did so while still continuing to swing her Shinai alongside Luffy. After paying close attention to Uta for a while, Gion finally responded by hitting her in the head and saying:


“Don’t talk nonsense, every marine is required to at least have sword skills, after all, sword skills are not less important than just training your body-”

Before Gion finished her words, Luffy, who had been focused on swinging his Shinai, suddenly said, “This sword practice can also increase your body strength, stamina and also your body reflexes, so you don’t lose anything, if you already understand quickly shut your mouth and just focus on training, you’re disturbing my concentration.”

Gion, who was about to get angry, could only raise her eyebrows in surprise, and she also agreed with what Luffy said. In the meantime, Uta could only roll her eyes and snort coldly.

Unbeknownst to anyone else in there, the reason Luffy said that was because he was fixating his attention on Gion’s alluring cleavage in front of him.

‘I can’t wait to squeeze those boobs, ahhh… how would it feel if my dick could be squeezed between them? The size is even slightly bigger than Makino’s,’ Luffy said excitedly to himself as his dick slowly started to get erect.