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Chapter 66: You look so much cuter when I fuck you, hahaha… (R-18)

After a few days of practicing swinging, the Shinai, Uta, Makino, and I know the basics about swords. My life is also going smoothly here in Marine Headquarters. I’m also trying to find out little by little about the information I need.

“ahh…♡ ahh…♡ you’re a bully… you’ve drained all of my energy early this morning…♡ mmmh…♡ Luffy…”

The leisure life I’m referring to is this sexual activity, and I am doing it right now with Uta this morning before going to practice while Makino is still busy taking a shower and getting ready.



“Haven’t you been enjoying yourself a little bit too much lately, Uta?” I asked lightheartedly while continuing to ram my dick into Uta’s small pussy, which had become bright red by this point.

“hmph… who said that… don’t get excited… ahh…♡ not my boobs…♡ you will make them bigger…♡ ahnn…♡”

Every time Uta tried to string together words, she would fail because her mind would be distracted every time my dick hit deep in her womb, and her body was also getting weaker when she could only wrap her arms around my neck.

“You look so much cuter when I fuck you, hahaha…”

Uta, who was leaning against the wall while facing me, looked extremely alluring, especially when one of her legs was raised to make it easier for my dick to get in and out of her underage pussy. This caused my heart to flutter because I felt as though I was doing something forbidden.

But I became even more excited once I recalled that I was in Luffy’s body, which was two years younger than her. I became even more excited because soon, my hip movements became faster, and Uta’s groans also got louder.

“ahh…♡ ahh…♡ I’m cumming… Luffy… hold me… I want to cum!!… arghh…♡”

After Uta’s entire body began to shake violently, I could feel the inside of her pussy getting very tight, as if she intended to pinch me hard. Hence, after that, I also began cumming because I could not take it any longer.


“hahh… hahh… come here… I want to feel your body before Makino finishes…”

Uta looked like an intoxicated person with her eyes half closed, and her body was also beginning to go limp. When Uta was about to fall, I immediately pressed her body against the wall before kissing her, and her sticking-out tongue seduced me to suck it into making a lewd sound.


“mmph…♡ no more… if you continue like this… mmmh…♡ I won’t have the energy for today’s training…♡”

I paused momentarily to look at Uta’s lovely face, which was now blushed. Her red and white hair was also wet with sweat, but I kissed her red cheek before licking the drops of sweat that trickled down her soft white neck.

“aughh…♡ disgusting… I can feel your hot tongue…♡ it’s touching my whole body… nngh…♡ Luffy…♡”

Suddenly, Uta’s eyes widened and radiated a peculiar glimmer as she hugged me before cupping my cheek and kissing me. She also boldly entered her tongue into my mouth to entwine with mine.

“why are you so excited… *slurrp… you can do it more slowly, I am here…”

Uta’s kiss, which had previously felt passionate, now felt slower, and she started to close her eyes as if she was enjoying this moment. In the meantime, I did not want to be outdone, so I continued to grope Uta’s boobs while slowly moving my dick, which was still in her pussy.

Our sex was less intense this time because we concentrated more on our kissing, but after that, I abruptly pulled my dick out of Uta’s pussy before telling her to turn around and lean her body forward.

Uta asked, “like this?” when she looked back, and my eyes immediately lit up because the view I saw from behind was very satisfying. Where I could see Uta’s ass and pussy, which had not stopped emitting obscene fluids.

“aahn…♡ this position… I can feel it… mmh…♡ Luffy… don’t squeeze my ass…♡” Uta let out a joyful shout of excitement. I pulled Uta’s hand back while letting the other one lean against the wall so she could balance her body.



Different from before, now the flow has turned more violent, plus the sound we make is much louder when my groin hits Uta’s ass harder. I can even see the ripple on her ass.

“Yeah… keep it like that… tighten your pussy… Uta!… I’m cumming!… I’ll cumming in your narrow pussy hole… aghh…”

Just before cumming, I let go of Uta’s hand before tightly hugging her small body. The lewd sound of my sperm filling her womb could be heard. Uta’s entire body was also convulsing violently, and her legs started to give out slowly.

“Luffy, breakfast is ready. do you want to take a shower before eating, or you want…”

I can hear Makino’s scream from a distance, and that means she has finished taking a bath, therefore seeing our current appearance. Of course, I will take a shower first.

“Come on Uta, let’s continue in the bathroom.”

“no…I don’t want to do it again…you can’t this to me…” Uta tried to put up a struggle, but I was already carrying her body as we slowly walked towards the bathroom, and along the way, the lewd liquid that came out of Uta’s pussy would drip to the floor.

I, who saw that, simply smiled and ignored it. When we got to the bathroom, as I had promised, we continued our sex activity, and it became even wilder than before because it seemed that our passions were already controlling us.

In the end, when we had finished showering and eating, we walked out of the house to be greeted by the figure of Vice Admiral Gion with her usual annoyed face. Somehow, from the louder voice, and the harsher treatment she gave, I had the feeling that something bad was going to happen.