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Chapter 113: Reborn

As Lucas lay on the bed, his chest heaving with deep breaths, he cautiously attempted to sense the state of his dantian. For a moment, he feared that it was too good to be true, that the blockage remained and this had all been a cruel illusion. But as his awareness probed deeper, his eyes widened with astonishment. The once impenetrable wall of stagnant qi had vanished, leaving in its place an unobstructed flow of dark, pulsating energy.

A wave of euphoria washed over him as he realized the magnitude of the transformation. Not only was his qi blockage gone, but his entire being felt infused with a newfound power and strength. For the first time in his life, Lucas felt an overwhelming sense of freedom and control over his own destiny.

He sat up, his body tingling with the unfamiliar sensation of surging power coursing through his veins. The world around him seemed sharper, more vivid, as if a veil had been lifted from his eyes. But alongside this newfound strength, Lucas could also sense a shift in his mental state. The dark, demonic qi that now filled him seemed to awaken a primal, untamed desire within his soul.

Lucas felt a growing urge to take what he wanted, to challenge the world that had dealt him such a harsh hand and claim his rightful place in it.

It was a wild, almost intoxicating feeling that was both thrilling and terrifying at the same time.

He looked at Azeria, his eyes filled with a mixture of gratitude and apprehension, as he tried to come to terms with the profound transformation he had just undergone.

Azeria smiled with a satisfied look as she got up from the bed and pulled over a large mirror towards Lucas, “Why don’t you take a look at your handsome reborn self? This is the real you.”

With a deep breath, Lucas sat up on the bed and looked at the mirror, making his eyes widen.

His once gentle and soft features now seemed to radiate a dark, alluring charisma that was impossible to ignore. His eyes, once a plain shade of brown, now glowed with a deep crimson hue, reflecting the powerful energy coursing within him.

His once smooth, unblemished skin now possessed an otherworldly glow that seemed to hint at the newfound power he wielded. The contours of his face had sharpened, giving him a more predatory, almost feral appearance. His hair, which had been a nondescript shade of black, now shimmered with streaks of deep violet, echoing the darkness that resided within him.

His body also seemed to have grown in size, his muscles bulging and rippling beneath his skin. The new power coursing through him seemed to have invigorated and reshaped his form, as if he were being sculpted by an invisible hand. The once slender and weak youth now resembled a formidable warrior, exuding an aura of raw, untamed might.

As Lucas examined his reflection, he couldn’t help but be captivated by the changes he saw. There was an undeniable magnetism in his new appearance that drew the eye and commanded attention. It was as if he had shed the constraints of his previous, mundane life and emerged as a creature of power and darkness,

Lucass stared at his transformed body, his breathing heavy and uneven, as he tried to process the enormity of what had just occurred. He glanced at Azeria, his eyes filled with a mixture of disbelief and confusion, “What… What just happened to me?” he stammered, his voice quivering with emotion.

Azeria studied him for a moment before responding with a smile, “You were able to absorb demonic qi because you are, in fact, a demon. Your dantian and your body have been under a false suppression, preventing you from realizing your true nature.”

Lucas shook his head, still trying to make sense of it all, “But, how is this possible? Demonic qi is poisonous to anyone who comes into contact with it and they will die within seconds or minutes. If I really have demonic qi in my veins, shouldn’t I be dead?”

Azeria raised her hand, gesturing for him to be patient, “Ordinarily, yes. But as a demon, your body is naturally capable of containing and utilizing demonic qi. It’s not poisonous to you because it is a part of your very essence.”

She paused, allowing her words to sink in.

Lucass struggled to comprehend the reality of his newfound identity, “So, everything you said was true? I’m… I’m really a demon? My parents…were they demons? Who are you?”

Azeria’s gaze softened for a brief moment, but her alluring and cold demeanor quickly returned.

She leaned closer and sat beside him, her eyes locking onto his, “Yes, Lucas, you are a demon. Your parents, too, were demons. They belonged to a powerful demon clan, which I was also a part of. We were feared and respected throughout the demon realm. ”

She paused, her red eyes glinting with a hint of nostalgia, “Your parents were exceptional individuals, and they held important positions within the clan. We were close, and I had sworn to protect their bloodline. I was also appointed as your guardian by your parents even before you were born. However, during a vicious battle against a rival clan, they were tragically killed.”

Lucas strangely felt his heart clench even if he never knew his parents. But to realize that they were dead and they died trying to save him, it left him with a void of pain and regret in his heart he never expected.

Azeria’s voice remained steady, but the pain and resentment of the memory was evident in her eyes, “Before their demise, they knew that their enemies would not rest until every trace of their lineage was wiped out. So they took the difficult decision of crippling your dantian and disguising you as a human using some secret art before sending you to one of the human realms. I would have accompanied you to keep you safe. But for obvious reasons I couldn’t do that without getting a foothold in this realm. So I had no choice but to leave you in the hands of a woman who had desires of having a child.”

Realisation dawned in his eyes as he now learned how he ended up with Nadia as a baby. But now he wished he would have rather ended up with anyone else but her. He could have avoided all the pain and sadness she gave him.

Azeria’s eyes glistened as she looked at him with a look of guilt and regret, “But I had no idea that the very same woman would cause you so much pain.”

She looked at him intently, her voice growing colder, “I’ve been watching over you from afar, Lucas, waiting for the day when you would be ready to reclaim your birthright. And now, with the blockage removed and your true power awakened, that day has finally come. There is a lot to do, especially reclaiming your birth realm. But first we will together destroy everyone who hurt you in this world.”