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Chapter 62: Treasured Starfire, Please Burn Bright and Long with Us! (18+)

Hello friends and lovers!




SEX! Implication of scars that overstimulate mind with bad things.



And once my lover has stripped away all her layers, save a simple pair of underthings. She kneels in front of me. I learned from Kque early on to let Jevita lay the pace of snuggles and hugs when possible. But… due to my Weaver the avoidance of them was natural.


Early on I was terrified that she’d be hurt or worse by my…


Well, it really is disgust for them.


But… It was the opposite!


She hates them.


Like… a fuck ton.


Apparently they are super sensitive and sort of… like… jolt her when brushed or poked too hard. I asked her once if I hurt her when I accidentally bumped one during a crazy sex thing, but in her pained reply I could see the truth.


They… I think it feels unnaturally good when they are touched. Like… like in a way that makes her feel really uncomfortable and… well I think kinda violated? Not a sexual thing.


But… like they draw her away somehow…


I really hope I’m wrong but… It kinda seems to fit some of the little things I see in her eyes when it happens. A flutter of annoyed desire and… other things. A weird hunger and distant glazing of her expression.


She’s sort of… sprawled out between my legs and lays her head against my belly and hips. And after she settles I lay hands and fingers over her back or shoulders between the grooving patterns while she wraps around my waist.


She takes a deep and shaking breath. “Ina?”


“Hm?” this barely even bothers my throat.


She squeezes me tight. “I… I…”


I let her wander through her thoughts to find the right words. Both because my throat won’t let me do much else, but also because I know how her wonderful mind works.


An eternity of questions and puzzles and muses dancing about all at once! But… Also so hard to organize and form them into people words sometimes…


I know what it means to have someone patient enough to either let you jabber on about your passions, but also let you stew and consider how best to make them into short and understandable things for others.


“I’m really scared, Ina.” She murmurs, “That’s what I talked with Emarial about today. Scared that… That we won’t find any way to help you. I… I don’t want to tell the others. But… I’m not sure a Cultivation stone exists that can stop Her, but also not hurt your mind.”


I do my best not to react, just… begin to weave nothing patterns between her beautiful back and shoulders. But… her words poke at a fear I had ignored. Sort of… pop a bubble I’d been ignoring amidst all the other stresses and things.


What if I don’t even have a choice? How… How will I face Her when I start feeling the side effects of the Dream Stone and need to sleep without it?


“I’m not sure what to do if that happens.” She sniffles and trembles, and I know she’s crying. “I… I don’t want to lose you. Don’t want to watch you fade night after night. Or… Or see you wake up from nightmares where She… She hurts you or… worse.”


After a long enough pause that I’m sure she’s okay with me talking, I force out, voice a wheezing husk. “Will ask how she avoids sleep.”


“That’s… That’s only a short term solution.” She nearly whimpers. Knowing I’m talking about Emarial.


I take a deep breath then whisper. “Lyttoral Alchemy.”


She pauses… takes a careful breath, then moves to sit up to look at me. Grips both my hands with such a gentle fury. “Y… You really think they have something that could help you?”


I huff, nod. “Know it.”


The glow I see return to her face is radiant. “Really?”


“Potions. I think you’re right. It’s Sun Spoken magic.” I sigh, and don’t even try to hide my grimace as I try to speak out my thoughts as softly as possible. “Search for cure here, but carefully.” I wheeze out. “No big risks. Okay? No desperate or dangerous deals. I’ll make Emarial teach me how to burn Amwella to keep awake, will pace our Dream Stone use. Then, will fuck every woman between here and Lyttoral to make sure I can keep up the song. Maybe…”


A thought occurs to me.


An idea.


The Spark of Inspiration.


“Crafted own songs a few times. Try to make one for dreamless sleep.” My throat is a hushed wheezing thing now, but… the hope each of my words brings my lover is a balm to our souls.


She leans forward and touches her forehead against mine as her tears return. I reach up to draw shapes along her jawline.


“Treasured Starfire, please burn bright and long with us!” She murmurs in perfect Arudian through warbling sobs.


Amwella growling and swirling in turn with her words.


Her poem bring such a flutter of love and wonder and desire.


But… I have to be gentle with this little soul, so encased with old scars and wondrous musings.


“Fuck, Jevita, I can’t get old Arudian love phrases right.” I giggle and wheeze, then cough. Whisper back in my best Arudian. “You thaw my heart. Thank you, Wondrous Glimmerflame.”


Her Amwella wiggles, tendrils reaching for my wellspring of fire.


“Jevita,” I murmur as softly as possible. “If want lovemaking, ask with words or lips.”


She trembles, and I get to watch as brumbleflesh washes down her shoulders toward her hips and… other areas.


Amwella a slowly growing wriggling storm of desire.


“Yes please.” She huffs, “Please. Please. Please. If… If It won’t hurt your throat or…”


I gently pull her up, and draw my lover into a kiss.


All soft and careful.


“Keep lips busy.” I whisper into her, let my fingers trace perfect patterns up and down her chest and tummy.


Never even come close to the blighted things some fuck carved into my lover’s flesh.


Her fingers are much more aggressive at first, but… slow as my kisses and touches muddle her thoughts and she melts beneath my very fucking well trained touches.


Fuck, I love being good at this!


Thank you Yrelia for teaching me the subtle wondrous arts of pleasure and love making!!!


“W… Will um…” She pulls back, and I see the same dizziness I’ve felt so often on myself after a long kiss. “I… I know your day was… and I don’t want to…”


Yes. I smirk the words at her request. Whatever you want, love.


That just makes her sputter out and get lost for another moment. I have to stifle a giggle as I lean forward. Whisper in her ear. “Bottom?”


“Pl- Please.” She murmurs.


So I move with my lover as we adjust the pillows and pallet of soft quilts to allow her to lay back while I crawl atop her. It’s… well with our other lovers I would mush and squish, but with Jevita I keep a safe space between any flesh that I’m not absolutely positive isn’t marked.


But the fun challenge is to make sure she doesn’t feel like I’m doing it!


With quick focus I am brushing her in little ways all over, lips dancing across her jaw and lips and nose while my fingers rake around breast and tummy. Fucking horrid fucks spread their marks around her nipples so only the tips are safe to tease and play at.


But even my legs are helping by occasionally leaning or brushing against her hips. The maimed leg makes it weird at times, but Jevita isn’t repelled by my own scars, so I can use that knee so long as I keep the weird bone parts up and away.


She begins to moan as I gently part her lips and pull her tongue into my kisses. I smile and wish I could answer her, but… I promised to let my throat rest.


Then my fingers are moving down, caressing nothing patterns over her hips and soft underthing. She takes a second to move and pull the thing free, isn’t careful and needs to pause as it nicks a leg marking hard enough to cause her to hiss.


I pull back instantly.


“Fuck.” She tosses the clothing away with such anger that even Lulu hums a little toot in sleepy annoyance.


She shudders a few times, eyes squeezed so so tight.


Kque’s always been very firm with me on this. Do NOT touch her while she recovers. The more in… well I guess distress she shows the better. Only interrupt if she goes quiet and still and kinda forgets you’re there.


It hasn’t happened in years though so more likely she’s just rebuilding herself.


So I wait. And through a fit of shudders and little curses, Jevita settles. Looks back to me with a few tears. “Sorry, Ina. I… I kinda…”


I shake my head. “No.”


She sighs. “Sor–”


“No.” I whisper more firmly. “No apologies.”


She smiles, eyes bubble with tears. “Can we just… pick up where you left off?”


I smile, and know from personal experience the fucking heat such a thing sends down the spine of a lover.


She swallows, and lowers herself back down. I take less time working her up this time. Just… Love watching my quick and aggressive lips and fingers dance her Amwella back into a swirling maelstrom of desire. Then my fingers curl down between her spread legs, and I begin what could be the hardest part of the entire thing for others.


The cruel fucks twisted the markings to literally enter her second lips. The only mercy is that it’s from the back and seems to twist together into a single line once inside. Never comes near her clit or outer lips. Thus, how pleasuring her without always bumping one is ever possible. And tonight I’m coming in from above so it’s easier.


Every woman loves a companion who is willing and deft at using their mouth, and Jevita is no different.


But… such workings can easily touch those areas if one isn’t careful. The markings also curl down between her inner thighs and… fuck just so many weird places. Most underthings have to be either very tight to avoid moving much, or so loose and specific they can’t do it hard enough to matter.


Jevita moans then, and my thoughts jerk back to the slow workings. Her hips are trembling now, and I know she’s close. So near the end that a simple increase in speed and pressure would send her into a spiral neither of us could stop.


I want to hold my lover in this embrace for as long as I can. Would… would probably give her this slow sensual thing more than once if I wasn’t fucking exhausted and knew Kque would be back any minute.


She wouldn’t mind joining in or waiting. But… Then I might get pulled into another dance and I need Jevita sharp for… for…


I ignore that, and lean down to press my lips to hers with a gentle caress, while my fingers begin to move up and down, in and around. Speed and pressure are a perfect blend to bring this lover closer and closer and…


And then her soulfire is bucking, tendrils reaching out and up through her mouth and into mine. We shudder in unified pleasure as our souls hug and snug. Wrapping themselves in a temporary embrace while Jevita’s body is immersed in a climax.


Then she slumps back to the floor, all twitching pleasure. I soften our kiss, but don’t release it.


“Inaaa.” She releases in an exhale that carries the final tendrils of her Amwella into me. “I… I love you, Ina.”


I adjust to let my wet hand prop me up so my clean one can cradle her face. “And I love you, Wondrous Glimmerflame. Thank you for sharing the fire of your soul with me tonight.”


The tears we share in that moment are happy ones. Things of love only those who have touched souls and walked a thousand miles together can understand.


Eventually Kque does return, to find us in a careful snuggle.


“I explained things.” She assures us with a smile. “They’ll come down here in the morning with breakfast to get the full story.”


I nod and smile my thanks, and tug at my wonderful new apparel, “Help, please?”


I decide not to bother with sleep clothes as we wrap ourselves in thick quilts and lovers’ warmth. Once settled I unhook the Dream stone and hand it to Kque, who will hold it until I’m well and truly asleep before passing it to Jevita.


Then I allow exhaustion to sweep me into what should be a dreamless sleep.










“Hello Love!”


Challa, Where… Where have you been? Why have you not called me?


“Oh… um…”


Are you in danger? Are you hurt?


“Well… I…”


Tell me.


“I… I don’t want to do it. And… and I’m scared. Of you. I’m using the Dream Stone to keep you away until I can find a way to… to keep you from–”





“Ina. Don’t dream tonight.”




Inamatorii! COME BA–


“Okay! Goodnight!”