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Chapter 158 – Scrolling addiction

Noah sat in the grass watching into the distance with a despondent look on his face as the gentle wind blew across the endless fields around him.

“I know why I got stuck here, but… what am I supposed to do now?” He murmured with dejection in his voice.

“How am I going to get out without a guide? Damn you, Ugy, why the hell would you recycle the guide?” Said Noah quietly, opening his skill list and choosing skill Roleplay that was made from his recycled guide.

Suddenly a screen, similar to the one he saw when he was sneaking into the Saintess’ dream, appeared in front of him with several sentences written on it.

Go east

Go west

Go north

Go south

Go by the wind

Go against the wind

Go in the sun’s direction

Go to the comment section

Go kill yourself whining moron

“Oh! It is offering me choices in such a situation as well?” Exclaimed Noah excited from finding a clue on how to get out.

“But what the hell is “go kill yourself” is it mocking me? Fuck you, Ugy, even the skills you make are irritating.” Said Noah with his eye twitching.

“Alright, I get the choice of going in whatever direction I decide and depend on luck, but what’s with going after the sun and going by the wind and against it? These are also the same directions as…” Said Noah with a raised eyebrow looking at the choices with suspicion but stopped on half a sentence as an idea suddenly came to his mind.

“Unless…” He murmured with uncertainty in his voice as he sank deep into thoughts. He sat thinking for a few moments about the choices he was given.

“That’s it!” He exclaimed after a few seconds with excitement. “I get it. This is a dream world. A wonderland as Alice calls it. Everything is possible here! So going after wind and sun may actually NOT be the same as going west or east, even though directions coincide. In that case, it’s not the direction that matters, but the target that I choose as my destination.


Just as Alice said, what I need is a path to a certain target, not just some direction. That means the choices I have here are only the targets I see right now in front of me. There is actually no suitable path for me among them.


“However, the destination can be anything that I can come up with. The choices are limitless as long as I am aware of them. All I need is to figure out a destination that I want to reach. And to decide on a destination I need to open more possibilities. I need more choices. If I can’t come up with it myself then asking for help from CS is the right choice here.” Analyzed Noah, rubbing his chin thoughtfully, before choosing to ask for advice from CS.


Noah opened the comment section of his system and a half-transparent window appeared in front of him with lines of text and pictures. He scrolled through it reading through a few topics that were discussed and found nothing helpful. There seemed to be no pattern or even sense to some of these discussions. People that commented there were just pouring out whatever they wanted.

Some were just people whining about how bored they were.

Some were telling lame jokes. Only on several occasions Noah actually smirked at some of them.

Some were poking fun at other commenters. Which Noah interpreted as also being simply too bored.

Some were discussing stories they like.

Someone simply screamed that they are God every second post, like some kind of madman.

Some posted pictures they wanted, many of which just like in the past were images of celestial beauties in revealing clothes that almost made Noah hard with their looks. But he shook his head and overpowered himself to scroll further, trying to stay focused. However, he still could not help lingering a bit longer on every picture of tremendously beautiful maidens that people posted from time to time than on any other post in CS.

With great force, Noah held himself together and continued to scroll for quite some time, searching for anything useful. However at some point in time he caught himself not focusing on his target at all but simply scrolling to see what else these people said.

He knew there were things he needed to do. He knew that he could not sit wasting time around. Yet with every swipe of his finger, he continued sinking into thoughtfulness. He felt that everything could wait until he reached the next post. Then the next one after that. Just one more and that’s it. One more and he’ll be done. No, the next one will be the last. Or maybe another one. Was he really in a hurry? What bad could happen if he returns just a bit later? Just a bit more and he’ll be done. Just a bit more…

With a startle, Noah woke up from delirium that he unknowingly sank into and wondered how long he was in that state. As he tore his eyes away from the screen and looked around, he noticed the sun move quite a lot from the spot it was in before. A few hours must have passed without him realizing it. Only now he noticed a numbing feeling in his butt and legs from sitting on one spot with his legs crossed and staring into one spot for so long. His eyes were aching with pain so hard it seemed like he forgot to even blink for quite some time.

“Damn! This thing has a strange addictive property.” Exclaimed Noah, shaking his head and slapping his cheeks to wake himself up entirely.


“I have to stay focused. If I continue like that I will stay here forever. I don’t even remember what I read in there for all this time.” He muttered amazed at the uselessness of all he had seen, that it did not even leave any impression in his memory, yet he scrolled it for hours without stopping as if it was the most interesting thing in the world.

Scary. That thing was truly scary. Noah felt that if he wasn’t careful, that thing would gobble him down and eat his soul, leaving him sitting here in oblivion for the rest of his life.

“Alright. Scrolling down is not a good option. Let’s make a comment and see what people may suggest. It’s been a while since I’ve done it…” Said Noah rubbing his chin in thought as he remembered the rules of this comment section that Ugy once explained.

“No spamming. Make it short and efficient. No need for introduction, no one gives a damn about you in there anyways.” Came to Noah’s memory Ugy’s words.

He started to write something in the text box, but before he was about to post it, he stopped with his finger lingering above the “Post” button.

“Wait. Why can’t I simply ask them if they know how to exit from here?” He muttered, before erasing what he wrote and rewriting his question.

//I am stuck in a dream world. How do I get out?// Left a comment, Noah.

“Wake up Neo. You’re in the Matrix.” Said the first person replying to his comment.

“Who’s Neo and what’s a Matrix?” Muttered Noah questioningly.

“Follow the white bunnies.” Answered the next person.

“Bro, if some dude calls and says to climb out the window it’s just a scam don’t do it.” Answered the third person.

“Damn, I’d smash Trinity…” Said another commenter, adding a picture of a woman with short cut hair and sunglasses dressed in tight leather clothes accentuating her voluptuous butt to the extreme.

“Bro while you’re there, don’t take candy from strange uncles. You might not wake up in bed but in someone’s basement with a pain in the ass.” Added someone.

“Dude, that’s because Neo picked the wrong pill. Should have picked the blue one. Blue pills cure headaches and get you high.” Answered a new commenter.

“Blue pills also make you walk with a hard-on for hours.” Answered someone to the previous commenter.

“Don’t see a problem with that.” Replied back, the person offering to pick a blue pill adding a picture of a shrugging person.

“Free your mind before jumping from the roof 👍🏻” Said another comment. “But leave a note with your final will…”

“Remember. There is no spoon.” Said one more reply.

“Dude there is no fork and knife as well. I eat with chopsticks.” Answered back one more person.

“Break the vase yourself to assert dominance.” Suggested one commenter

“Whatever you do, don’t penetrate an agent. They can get pregnant.”

“Smith wasn’t pregnant though, he copy/pasted.” Replied someone else.

“Yeah, which is no different from budding reproduction. It was still Neo the one to inseminate him when he went deep inside Agent Smith.”

The next person did not answer anything; he simply posted a picture of two men both in sunglasses, one in a suit, the other in a long leather coat making out with sloppy French kisses.

“Eeew!” Answered the next commenter.

“Thanks. You just ruined the image of Neo and Smith in my head forever.” Said someone adding a picture of a cat with a grumpy face.

“Dude, why are you so….?” Answered another person posting a picture of a black man with a firm look on his face, watching forward as if gazing into your eyes and big words asking “Why are you geh?” written underneath him.

“Legolas best wifu.” Said another commenter.

“That’s not Legolas, you uncouth brute scum! It’s Elrond!” Replied, someone.

“Whatever.” Replied back, the previous commenter.

“Dude you just hurt the feelings of all Tolkien fans. They gonna find you and cut off your precious.” Added new commenter.

“The hell is all of this supposed to mean?” Said Noah flabbergasted with all the crazy answers that made no sense to him. “Who is Neo? Who’s Smith? Who’s Legolas? What pills? What spoon? What vase? The fuck is wrong with these people?” He exclaimed in frustration.

Noah closed his eyes, taking a few deep breaths to calm down.

“Alright, it was worth a try to ask them how to find an exit, but it was to be expected that they would not give any sane advice from the get-go.” He said aloud to calm himself.

“Looks like I have no other choice than to go in a roundabout way and ask them for a few destinations to walk in, to find the right path as Alice explained.” Muttered Noah watching the people in the comment section concentrating on another topic as a new comment appeared above Noah’s attracting their attention.

Noah started to write a new comment when he thought he heard something. He stopped typing concentrating on his senses and this time clearly heard a rustle in the grass.

He was sitting on the ground with his legs in a lotus pose hunching forward. His head top barely reached the end of the grass that was high enough to reach above his waist when standing, so his scope of view was quite limited.

He closed the CS window and straightened his back lifting his head slightly above grass, while concentrating on his hearing to understand the direction where the sound of rustle was coming from.

As Noah turned his head to the side where he heard the rustle, he froze on the spot, his eyes going wide and his mouth hanging open.

There in the grass field, he saw a young woman running in the field with an expression of pure bliss and a smile full of delight as she swirled in the grass as if dancing.

She looked a bit dirty and her short dress was cheap looking, plain, and skimpy to the degree of just looking like two linen pieces of sackcloth sewn together to make it barely cover her body. Dirty spots could be seen on it in several places and it long since needed washing. It looked worn out quite a lot, with sewn patches in many places and still more open rips visible at the sides. It would be a better word to call it rugs than a dress from Noah’s point of view.

It may have actually been made of rugs with just the addition of two thin shoulder straps for making it wearable. The dress on the woman did not offer any cover to her shoulders and arms, simply serving as a cover to her chest and body down to her thighs. The cloth of her dress ended so high at her thighs that it barely offered any cover even to her butt.

The girl seemed to also not wear any footwear running with bare feet.

A few already healing scratches could be seen on her uncovered skin on both legs and arms.

Her hair were as dry as a dead bush and barely combed to make them slightly better than a tumbleweed.

From just a quick glance at her, it could be figured that life was not kind to her and she must have been as poor as someone could possibly ever be.

Yet as she ran in a grass field with her hands spread wide, feeling grass stems hit her open palms, she seemed to be the happiest person in the whole world from how wide and brilliant her smile was.

What took Noah’s breath away, however, were the most fluttery pair of breasts that he has ever seen in his whole life.


Noah saw big-breasted women before. Tessa’s human form and Saintess, whose magnificent body Noah had the honor to behold when she flashed him with her magnificent breasts right before he came here, both had quite voluptuous and mesmerizing bodies. But the two globes on this young woman could outmatch both of them combined.

As she ran around, Noah saw them shake from side to side, up and down tracing their every move with his pupils. As if her breast had hypnotizing ability he sat watching them with his mouth hanging open, unable to tear his eyes away from that mesmerizing jiggle. They were so agile, so alive, so springy, Noah could not help comparing them to the two large bunnies jumping around. Two white bunnies. White as her skin.

“Follow the white bunnies…” Murmured Noah repeating the words of someone from the comment section as if in a trance. As he sat ogling this pair of the most wondrous breasts in the world, he had no doubt they had more addictive properties than scrolling, because he could not tear his eyes away at all.