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Ch 116 – 07 June, Utaha 09 & Nanami 01

Not long after the conversation, Kouta and Utaha heard someone knocking on the door before someone opened the door and looked into the room. Kouta could see a cute face, brown hair, and eyes that matched her hair. He could see the doubt on her face.

“Un… Can I come in?” Nanami asked the question, and Kouta replied and told her to come inside and sit before him.

Nanami obeyed what Kouta said. She sat in a seat in front of Kouta and Utaha, who sat next to Kouta. It was easy for Kouta to see how uneasy and nervous she was. Nanami was sitting nervously, and she was utterly flustered too. It was only natural because even though Nanami might be meeting people her own age and a year younger than her. She still came here intending to sign a contract as a voice actor with the two of them.

Unlike Kouta and Utaha, who had experienced this kind of formal thing several times, Nanami was different. This being her first employment contract, it was no wonder that she was so nervous.

“Ah, this person is Kasumigaoka Utaha, the author of Koisuru Metronome.” Kouta introduced Utaha to Nanami, who bowed her head a little.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Aoyama Nanami.”

“Yeah, you once called and asked me when I was under my pen name, Kasumi Utako. You can call me, Utaha.” Utaha replied while she observed Nanami with a solemn face as she evaluated Nanami, which did not help in this situation since it made Nanami flinch a bit .

“Un… You can call me Nanami too.” She replied nervously.

Utaha nodded before changing her attention toward Kouta. When she saw her expression and eyes, Kouta could easily read what was in Utaha’s mind.

‘Don’t tell me this girl will be your next target or something?’

Her eyes and expression seemed to be asking questions to Kouta. He could even feel Utaha’s intense gaze. Kouta wasn’t fond of that gaze at all, and with the remote in his hand, he without any mercy, put the vibrator in high intensity. Utaha, who was already quite used to a low intensity since yesterday in the classroom, felt the vibration on the vibrator in her was increasing.

Utaha probably expected this to happen because the man beside her was practically the embodiment of the enemies of women. Although Utaha had expected this to happen, the stimulation provided by the vibrator was stronger than she thought.

“Hyaaauu~” The thing made Utaha squeal even though she tried to hold back the gasps that could come out of her mouth.

“Eh, what happened!!?” Nanami was very surprised to hear Utaha’s high-pitched voice. She was afraid she’d made a mistake.

“Hm, there is nothing. It looks like she might be hungry already. After all, it’s lunchtime. I’m just as hungry as her, especially after gym class. Did you bring your lunch?” Kouta naturally responded to Nanami’s question to get her attention.

“Ah, yes. You told me to bring one, after all.” Nanami replied. She could see Kouta had already taken out his lunch box and was on the table. It was a delicious-looking lunch box.

“Good. If that’s the case, how about we have lunch while discussing this.” Kouta said so while shamelessly taking one of the food items from the lunch box and giving it to Utaha, who did not resist and ate it. As she did that, Kouta lessened the vibrations of the vibrator inside her. This made Utaha feel relief for a second since if this continued, she might come once again and come in front of a girl she barely knew.

Utaha let Kouta feed her as the three of them started talking about things about contracts, projects, and any questions Nanami threw at Kouta. There were many questions she asked, and one of them was about training.

“Yes, if there’s anything in the line that I find a bit strange. I want to give you pointers or keep an eye on your training.”

“Well, that’s quite something.”

Kouta could see that Nanami was not fond of this, so she might find this a bit to stretch. Mainly, she didn’t know how this would benefit her since she knew the two people before them, even though Kouta and Utaha may have more experience than her. Nanami didn’t see any of them had any experience with voice acting.

“Hm, I know you may feel this too much. However, this is my first visual novel project. Because of that, I have a high evaluation of this visual novel, and I really hope that everything matches my vision.” Kouta gave Nanami an explanation that maybe could make her understand his point of view.

Nanami nodded her head as she understood where Kouta’s came from.

“Well, Utaha might be able to give some examples about this…” Kouta, with a smile on his face, paid attention to Utaha, who temporarily looked like she was in a daze. It felt like she had little attention toward their conversation.

It couldn’t be help that Kouta had been playing with the intensity of the vibrator… to the point that her mind was numb with pleasure, especially since she had been trying her hardest to restrain herself so that she wouldn’t end up in a situation like this. That’s what she thought, but what happened was that Kouta always reduced the intensity of the stimulation when he saw Utaha might come.

Kouta shamelessly reduced the intensity of the rotor and increased it while feeding Utaha with food to keep Utaha from letting out her high-pitched embarrassing sounds of pleasure. It was such a weird feeling for Utaha when Kouta fed her while he gave her stimulation with the vibrator. Especially when he purposely gave her sausage and stuff that reminded her of Kouta’s meat stick, which gave her a rather lewd face when eating.

Nanami couldn’t help but glance at Utaha. Honestly, in her mind, the relationship between Kouta and Utaha was like lovers, and she couldn’t help but blush when she saw Utaha making such provocative expressions in her mind. She could not possibly know that during this conversation, Utaha was being stimulated by Kouta using a sex toy.

“Hau…” Utaha let out such a shameful voice before she thought of something and did her best to answer. “Well, I know you may feel this is a bit too much. But something I want to say about this… is that Kouta had quite a vast understanding that I and the illustrator of this project, had some development because of his advice and suggestion. I hope this could boost your voice acting career, too.” Utaha gave a perfect answer that gave Kouta a positive impression in Nanami’s eyes.

Nanami nodded and finally agreed to the contract, and with this, they only needed to finalize the agreement by signing and stamping. After that, Nanami left the two of them in the audiovisual room since she found they may have wanted some alone time. Well, Nanami knew quite a lot about Utaha since she was pretty famous in her years. She was actually surprised that Utaha was writing an otakuish novel. But one thing that surprised her, even more, was that Utaha, who always looked cold had a face so passionate in front of Kouta.

“Hm, this makes me a little jealous-” Nanami said while imagining what if she had a boyfriend, and it made her think of Sorata.

“Wait… wait! What am I thinking? That’s embarrassing…” Nanami said as she moved far away from the audiovisual room where the intimacy between Kouta and Utaha became… Hotter.

(E/D: Having a voice actor in the harem is like having a thousand women in your harem. Just imagine the sounds she could make, the voice she could moan in… while cosplaying.)

(A/N: Hahaha, what if get a specialist voice actor like Tsudere Queen, Rie. Lol-)