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Chapter 32

Part 4 Sakura Mai & Three Girls Arc Episode 32 : I Invited The Cool Girl I Developed To My House

After having gone wild with Aya, Haruka, and Satoko, I left Haruka and Satoko, who had fallen asleep due to exhaustion from sex, in bed and came to the bathroom with Aya.


The bathrooms in the tower apartments are larger than the bathrooms in my house, and I can stretch out both legs in the bathtub as much as I like.


When I saw this, I spoke frankly.


「I’m honestly jealous of the size of this place.」


「When it comes time to use it, though, it’s too big and uncomfortable.」


Aya responds to my exclamation with a wry smile. It goes without saying that Aya is wearing a blue swimming suit in the bathroom at my request.


『I’ve gotten used to your perverted remarks.』


Was Aya’s response when I asked her to put on her swimsuit and take a bath with me.


The swimsuit Aya is wearing is an orthodox all-in-one, high-leg (high-cut) type. Of course, when I say “high-leg,” I don’t mean the extreme ones you might find in pornographic magazines, but the common-sense high-legs that high school students can wear at official tournaments.


According to Aya, the smaller the area of the swimsuit, the easier it is to swim. Afterwards, she said disgustedly,「The only drawback is that boys stare at me,」but I’m not qualified to say anything about that. I’m one of those boys who was transfixed by Aya in her swimsuit!


To continue the description of her swimsuit a little further, the white stitching from the left and right breast to the base of the crotch enhances the model’s face and style. If this were a poolside, one might think「beautiful」or「cool」before「erotic.」


However, this isn’t by the pool but in the bathhouse. What the high school boys feel when they come to the bathhouse with their beautiful classmates dressed in swimming suits is only eroticism.


I had already ejaculated a lot on the bed with Aya and the other three, but seeing Aya in her swimsuit up close got my juices flowing again.


Breathing hard, I hug Aya from behind and rubs her hardened devils against her swimsuit-covered buttocks.


At the same time, I reached out with my right hand to her crotch and my left hand to her chest, rubbing each of them through her bathing suit to enjoy the indescribable sensation.


Aya laid her own hand on top of mine, and her cheeks rose and she let out a lusty moan.


「Nhn!♡ Nhn!♡ U–Ugh♡ Our hands are… nkuh♡ A–After all that shooting!♡ You’re already hard!♡」


「That’s what happens to every guy when he gets in the tub with a beautiful classmate in a bathing suit.」


I put my face to the nape of Aya’s neck and flicked my tongue along the white nape of her neck. A very high pitched squeal of delight came out of Aya’s mouth.


I guess her licking of the nape of her neck had ignited her lust, because she put her left hand on the edge of the bathtub and assumed a doggy position, thrusting her ass toward me. She also remembers to show her pussy by shifting her swimsuit with her right hand to make it easier for me to insert it.


I didn’t order her to do so, but Aya did it voluntarily. She was more like a sex slave than a sex friend.


When I first came to this house, she was staring at me as if she was looking at a suspicious person, but in just four or five hours she has become much more obedient—— Aya turned her face toward me and said bitterly,


「Who do you think is responsible for all this…」


「It’s definitely my fault.」


「If you know what you’re doing, don’t torment me, just put it in!」


When Aya said this, she swayed her hips from side to side in a glamorous manner. The clumsy gesture of invitation was probably an imitation of what Haruka and Satoko had done to me earlier.


I lightly patted Aya’s ass as if to apologize for wasting my breath, and then thrust my rubberized penis into her vagina.




Aya’s body jumps and her narrow vagina tightens around my pole.


I started pumping in and out of her hard. Aya’s swimming suit is wide open at the back, exposing a large area of skin. This was done to reduce drag in the water so that the wearer could swim as fast as possible, but it also had the effect of increasing a man’s arousal during sex.


「Ah!♡ Ah!♡ Ah!♡ Kasuga♡ Wow!♡ It’s amazing♡ It’s hard♡ Long♡ In the back, moving smoothly♡」


「Does it feel good, Aya?」


「Yeah♡ Yeah!♡ It feels so good♡ It really feels so gooood!♡」


「Really, that feels good to me too.」


I grabbed Aya’s ass through her swimsuit and squeezed it as hard as I could. Aya’s cries of pleasure rose an octave higher, and the bathroom was filled with the sound of water.


Aya, who had described herself as「the type who can’t feel,」now spilled her fertile nectar as if she had been released from a curse.


At the same time, her sensitivity seemed to be increasing, and within two minutes of insertion, Aya had already begun to show signs of cumming.


「Ah!♡ Ah!♡ Ahhn!♡ No!♡ No more!♡ Kasuga♡ I’m going♡ I’m going to cum!♡」


「Ahh, go ahead. You can always cum!」


Saying that, I increased the speed of my piston.


To tell the truth, I wanted to enjoy bathing suit sex with my classmate a little longer, but it would be a shame if I overstretched her from the first day and ended up traumatized by sex in a different way from her father.


Fortunately, Aya has accepted to have sex with me, and has even started to shake her hips on her own for pleasure in this way. I can see that my goal of erasing the memory of rough sex with my father has been well accomplished.


With that in mind, I thrust my cock deep into Aya’s vagina as a finishing touch.


Immediately after.


「Ahhhhhh!♡ Cumming, I’m cummmminngg!!♡♡」


Her howling climax echoes through the bathroom, and my classmate’s body, wrapped in a swimming suit, trembles and shivers.


I held Aya’s body from behind and squeezed her graceful twin dunes over her swimsuit as I ejaculated for the last time that day.


Even though I was wearing a rubber, the feeling of cum spurting out inside Aya’s vagina was indescribable.


——However, it was also true that I felt slightly unsatisfied with the pleasantness of the experience.


This is what I had felt earlier when I ejaculated on Haruka and Satoko in bed. More to the point, I felt the same thing when I ejaculated on Karen, Mizuki and Mai-san.


If I were to put that lack into words, it would be as follows.


(It’s time to shoot it out vaginally.)


Raw sex without a rubber. I think it’s time to move on to the next step in order to truly make these sex friends my women. That’s what I’m thinking.


Aya, with whom I had sex for the first time today, and Mai-san, with whom I just signed a sex friend contract yesterday, are probably premature, but I have a feeling that the rest of them can make it if I push hard enough. I mean, as for Karen, she had already agreed to have raw sex with me, so all I had to do was tell her that I was going「to do it raw.」


The reason I still haven’t done it with Karen is partly because I was too busy to add Mai-san and the three girls to my sex friends, but more fundamentally because I was hesitant to do it with her raw.


Because, as expected, raw sex hurt my conscience? No.


Because I was worried about having a child, even though they had the pill? No.


I was hesitant to have raw sex with Karen because I was convinced that if I did, I would lose control of the possessive desire inside me. First of all, I would definitely demand to Karen,「Break up with Kujō and become my woman!」


When I made Karen my sex friend, I promised her that I wouldn’t interfere in her relationship with Kujō. If I break that promise, the relationship between me and Karen, which began with blackmail, will be fundamentally destroyed.


I have been avoiding raw sex because of these considerations. I have been avoiding raw sex because of these considerations—— In fact, Mizuki has a prescription for the pill at her own discretion—— it’s somehow not neat that I would give Mizuki a vaginal release before Karen does.


I still prefer Karen for the first vaginal release.


I must’ve been a shitty manslut, thinking like that with a straight face as I ejaculated in Aya’s pussy.



After that, Aya and I held each other’s hands in a lover’s knot while in the bathtub, and we repeatedly kissed without getting tired of it. Perhaps it was the influence of Haruka, who had become a kisser, or perhaps it was Aya’s original proclivity, but Aya seemed to like kissing a lot.


Perhaps it’s not so much that she likes kissing, but that she likes the act of making out like a lover. To prove it, I nodded her head while whispering in her ear that I loved her, and she kind of put her cheek on my face with a happier expression than when we were having sex.


The gesture was more childish than sexy. If my classmates saw Aya now, they wouldn’t recognize her as the same person as that mysterious, cool, beautiful girl.


Aya had said earlier that she was the only one living in this house. Considering how that came to be, it is no wonder that Aya is starved for affection. It’s rather natural that she’s starving. The depth of her friendship for Haruka and Satoko may also have something to do with it.


As I was thinking about this while I was skin-to-skin with Aya, I heard a subdued voice coming from behind the bathroom door. Haruka and Satoko woke up from their sleep and came to work up a sweat.


Of course, there was no reason to turn them away. The lovey-dovey space for just the two of us quickly transformed into a harem space for one man and three women.


Well, harem, as I said, was really just a friendly atmosphere, with backs washed and hair washed.


When we got out of the bath, it was already well past six in the evening. Considering that tomorrow is the day of the final exam, I am quite fluent.


Well, I guess there’s no problem for me or the other three since they aren’t the type to stay up all night studying the day before the exam. As a proof of this, I could see no signs of impatience on the faces of the other three.


However, time is time. Aside from me, a man, and Aya, who lives in this house, it would be better to take Haruka and Satoko to the station early. Even though the season is in the middle of summer, it’s getting dark around 7 o’clock.


When I mentioned this to them, they nodded happily. At the same time, Aya looks faintly lonely. Maybe she’s gloomed about being alone in this house after we leave.


Aya seems to be lonelier than I thought she would be, and the fact that she has been so lively up until now must be making her even more lonely.


Seeing her face like that made me want to do something for her. After much thought and consideration, I decided to make a proposal to Aya.



「S–Sorry for intruding!」


Aya, with a sleepover set in one hand and a nervous look on her face, took off her shoes and went up to our house with trepidation.


I had already dropped Haruka and Satoko off at the station, so it was just the two of us, Aya and me. My parents are still not here, as they’re both out to dinner.


By the way, the reason my parents are eating out is because before I left for Aya’s house, I told them I didn’t want dinner tonight, so they’re not trying to make me, their son, an outcast. Just to be clear.


「Come on. Let’s go to my room then.」




Aya nodded her head at high speed. It was as if we were a couple having a sleepover for the first time.


I had had sex a lot at Aya’s house, so there was no need for me to be that nervous, but I guess that’s just the work of a sensitive maiden’s heart. I didn’t say anything else for the time being.


Just to be safe, I hide Aya’s shoes out of sight of my parents. I don’t want my parents to know that Aya is staying with us. I’m sure they’ll let me if I tell them what’s going on, but there’s no need to be so precious about it.


I would go to bed soon today anyway, and my parents would leave the house at 6:30 in the morning. As long as Aya didn’t leave my room until then, no problems would arise.


「Well, if it comes to it, I’ll introduce you as my friend, so I don’t care if they find out.」


「Will that work…?」


「It’s not like I’m lying. We’re sex friends, after all.」


Maybe my parents will convert「friend」to「lover」in their brains, but that is beyond my control.


「So please go to the bathroom as soon as possible.」


「You don’t have a shred of delicacy in you…」


Aya seems to be in a good mood while mumbling. I guess she is happy with my invitation.


After that, we went upstairs to change into our nightgowns and fell asleep in bed, hugging each other.


It wasn’t even nine o’clock in the evening, but Aya was exhausted from her first time having sex with me, and I was also very tired after ejaculating nearly double digits on all three of them.


We slept so soundly that we didn’t even dream, feeling each other’s body heat, and before we knew it, it was seven in the morning. There were no events such as my parents finding me, us talking in bed together, or stargazing in the middle of the night. It was just a night of devouring sleep.


Normally, I would’ve been up long ago, running with Mizuki and having morning sex with Karen, but I have told them that during the test period there will be no either. In that sense, I have no problem sleeping in a little longer…


「——You’re spaced out, but still sleepy? You can sleep some more. I’ll wake you up.」


Aya, who had apparently woken up earlier, whispers in my ear. They are so close to each other that their cheeks are almost touching.


My head is a bit fuzzy and I’m trying to decide what to do. I think it’s bad to sleep any longer, but I also think it’s not bad to sleep twice and play around once in a while.


Once I thought that, my eyelids began to grow heavy again.


I hadn’t really been aware of it before, but it seems that my recent sex life has been making me very fatigued.


「…I’ll sleep, a little more…」


「Alright. Sleep well, Makoto.」


I slowly close my eyes, enveloped by the gentle voice tickling my ear and the comforting touch of her hair. I didn’t realize at this point that Aya had called me by my first name.